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Kirkorov want to tighten In EROTIC SHOW

the Pornostar Elena Bond who has played Timoshenko in a scandalous film “ Julia “ Actress Elena Bond besieged Phillip at a concert in Sochi

has arrived in Sochi specially on Phillip Kirkorov`s concert. In advance has prepared some bunches of flowers which handed over to the singer hardly probable not after each song. A star of a sensational pornofilm “ Julia “ which hero of a steel Yulia Timoshenko and Michael Saakashvili, and the producer - the deputy of the State Duma Alexey Mitrofanov, was in the repertoire. With “ timoshenkovskoj “ a plait on a head and feet, entirely iskolotymi a tattoo. nesmotrja that nearby there was her husband, the Bond has run out on a scene and has literally hung on Phillip, echoing it: “ At - uu, e! You do not love me... “ and has then given to the conservative singer a lesson of erotic dance. “ Julia “ Twisted Filju with feet and hands and even pulled out from hands a microphone, trying well to say very erotically sounds “ At “ and “ E “. Public squealed, the Bond has entered into ecstasy, and Filja and has not understood that it was.
- you knew, what it is Elena Bond? - We have asked Kirkorov after a concert.
- that?! - The singer was surprised. - well, that girl who has run out on a scene and danced with you...
- so that there was it?! - Phillip was simply in shock. The bond long expected Kirkorov`s exit from a make-up room. But protection has not allowed it even to approach to the substitute close.
- I have specially arrived from Moscow on Phillip`s concert. I want to invite him to act in film with me in the project “ Julia “ public erotic Russian television (its programs are broadcast on the Internet. - a bus comment) . And still - to act in film in the video clip on east subject with an erotic bias. I some times came to the Fillet to the Moscow office, tried to obtain the permit to it at Alla Borisovny, but me there do not pass. I simply adore it and I love. Phillip the beautiful and noble man, and I think that it will meet me.
Meanwhile under concert hall collars “ Festival “ Kirkorov one more passionate fan - krasnodarka expected Alain Raj. Last year the woman of old age has arrived on a concert from the Kuban capital in a wedding dress. In any image has broken to the singer on a scene, sang chastooshkas and made a declaration of love to a substitute. Phillip have hardly rescued from its hot embraces. This year it was not in a bridal outfit, but with a mongrel who was going to present to the elect. But knowing “ the lady with the doggie “ in the person security guards on a concert have not started up it.

- Yes to me and on - to the present to undress - time to spit!

be on guard!

Singer Timati “ it will be bared “ In front of chambers

the Known producer Yana Rudkovsky prepares the new project on MTV and sells real estate at Black sea
Shouvumen Yana Rudkovsky, the producer Dimy Bilan and the wife of businessman Victor Baturin has, seemingly, decided to replace role. She prepares on ĚTV the author`s program “ Bared by show - business “. However, despite the name, stars on it will not undress. The project idea - to discredit hearings and scandals round celebrities. - Happens that in a press not absolutely correctly write that occurs in life of known people, - Yana Rudkovsky has told, - and I will meet politicians, stars of sports and a platform which will tell that was actually. The first “ it will be bared “ before Rudkovsky singer Timati. Loud scandal between it, Vlad Topalov (group " will understand; Smesh “) And Julia Volkovoj from “ Tatu “. We will remind that not so long ago Topalov has accused colleagues on shop that they were on drugs in a public place and had sex in a toilet... While “ bared by show - business “ there will be time in two weeks. Premier release as have told to us on MTV, is planned for July, 12th, Thursday, in 21. 30. By the way, while transfer prepares for an aether, Yana sells a part of the Sochi real estate. - eight years ago I have put up money in this habitation, felt that I can earn, - speaks Rudkovsky. - Also has not lost. Now the prices for real estate have very much grown (for example, one-room “ stalinka “ in the centre $400   cost the area about 50 squares already; 000. - a bus Comment) . So it is time to sell. I will leave to myself only one flat.

Yana on the channel already has one show - with Bilan. Now works will increase.

However it is rumored that at Rudkovsky and Baturin in Sochi simply it was not took with business. Recently one of family boutiques hardly have not closed from - for 15 - a million debt to bank. Hardly before Victor Baturin have deprived of the licence for an announcement in Sochi of TV channel “ Nika - a TV set “. And has been then sold it “ Park - hotel “ - one of the most abrupt at coast. In Sochi say that on Baturin “ press “ competitors. Anyhow, but interests of a known couple are obviously concentrated now to Moscow.

Who will be frank even on transfer
According to Yana Rudkovsky, Nikolay Baskov, Phillip Kirkorov, Evgenie Pljushchenko, Irina Slutsky, Konstantin Krjukov and other known people are invited to the nearest transfers.