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On Kuban have started to fine fortunetellers and beggars

In such a way the militia wants to raise prestige of resorts

last days in Krasnodar became much less pobirushek and the gipsy. The people have decided that those have moved on the sea - more close to tourists. On the contrary! These are local pravoohraniteli have spent spot-check that kubantsev any suspicious persons did not disturb.
- we comb the central streets, the markets, - the chief has told to us a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar Ilya JACKALS. - we detain those who sticks to townspeople. On days off have expelled with Kubanonaberezhnoj a camp of nomadic gipsies. Eight adults and as much children delivered in a site. Minors have sent in guardianship bodies, and the adult for default of duties of parents have written out the penalty - on 500 roubles from everyone.
by the way, under the law, the guessing and begging is punished by the penalty in 3 - 10 thousand roubles, but these gipsies to detect in the act it was not possible. Across all Kuban will spend spot-checks till the autumn.
of militia are assured that, though a Gipsy question so not to solve, troubles with fortunetellers and beggars nevertheless becomes less. It is a pity only that this action seasonal. After all in the winter the problem anywhere will not get to.


If you are prevailed against by gipsies or beggars - call
in a call centre of Krasnodar
by phone:
(861 268 - 40 - 45
or 02.


Irina Gustavovna, the translator:
- For a long time it was necessary to fine them. You look, to work steels. And it is even better - them for a fence to plant, start up there each other steal.

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Irina, the student:
- People are guilty. Gipsies do not extort money and if the person himself gives a purse - whose it is fault? About abilities of nomad tribes to hypnosis all know, what for then to stop and agree on a guessing?