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In Gelendzhik the TIGER HAS run away from the photographer

Pravoohraniteli assure that the beast is still small and completely not dangerous

Tigrenok of months of two from a sort has given I tear up from the owner couple of days ago. As it happens, plainly nobody knows. But in Gelendzhik where there was an impudent runaway, even nearly did not declare state of emergency . Hearings that on woods the present experienced beast goes, have alarmed all to district. And yesterday in edition readers have called and have told that ostensibly saw an animal in settlement Aderbievka that near to a city - a resort.
- speak, tigrenok belonged to any local photographer, - Yury NAUMETS, the divisional in settlement Aderbievka has told to us . - Business was near a rope-way. It is visible, the man zazevalsja and has not noticed, how its striped requisite was liberated. And as it maintained a tiger illegally also the statement did not begin to submit. I in the settlement declared, that inhabitants in militia called at once, if see the kid. But while to us nobody was converted...
- at such age tigrenok it is not dangerous to people, - tell in gelendzhikskom the Safari - park. - he will try to be beaten to the person. After all to one in wood not to survive.
if it will be possible to find the kid, it, possibly, will pass to education in the Safari - park.
by the way, Rosprirodnadzor annually arranges indicative a flogging the photographers using rare beasts as stock. And nevertheless at animals on - former scoff and stuff with their tranquilizers. And after all the season only begins.

And At this time

Wild kabanchik has constructed tsars of beasts

the Small pig has appeared in gelendzhikskom the Safari - park recently. Also has there and then shown, who in the house the owner.
- Kabanchiku by sight hardly more than two months. To us it was brought by hunters, - Boris PAPIASHVILI, general director Safari - park has told. - probably, his mother was lost. Named a small animal Funtikom. In the first put it has started to drive other kids. Such to fear on all has filled that now in ours Manger all at its kind run up on corners. Three-monthly the lioness of Meggi and a lion of Rettik climb up the highest tree. Small tigrjata Lord Vincent and Arthur - too. They have tried was to adjust with it relations, but Funtik does not go on contact. All strives to tear a small bottle from which children are fed, takes away from them meat and milk. We carry tigrjat and young lions to parents - so the pig in loneliness grieves, and next day all begins at first. Only the Shar-Pei of Plush which looks after all animals, does not lose hope to make of a pig of the person .