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Where to take a walk in Sochi on days off

Tomorrow, in the Olympic day, you will teach to play tennis how Sharapov, and tolkatbob how Voevoda

do not know, than to be engaged during week-end? And what here to think? It is necessary to go to Sochi! After all tomorrow there will pass grandiose commemorating of the International Olympic day. Represent, with what scope will celebrate this feast in a city - the candidate on carrying out of winter Games? Celebrities and entertainments will be though take away. Many venerable sportsmen will arrange for all comers the master - classes. Well and, of course, you can have a good swim and sunbathe much. By the way, this day you receive not only weight of impressions, but also set of prizes. The Olympic application committee Sochi - 2014 has prepared more than four thousand gifts for participants of festival.
day of the swimmer on Seaside quay (since 9 mornings till 12 o`clock)
In the sea:
- a heat on 2014 metres;
- the master - a class of the Olympic champions on swimming of Harisa Junicheva and Vladimir Nemshilova;
- cheerful relay races for beginners;
- competition on rope pulling.
on a pier (during the same time):
- competition on the most original diving - the more splashes, the above an estimation of jury and more abruptly prizes.
- building of the Olympic palaces from stones;
- competitions on dartsu and koltsebrosu;
- the master - a class of the world champion on Vladislav Jarkina`s weightlifting;
- performance and the master - classes thekvondistov;
- demonstration performances on power sports.
the bottom quay:
- competitions on sports orientation;
- tennis tournament;
- the master - a class of the strongest rukobortsa a planet and the prize-winner of the Olympic Games Alexey Voevody;
- a simultaneous chess game.
the Top quay:
- competitions in basketball, volleyball and velotriale;
- cheerful starts and games for all family.
a city skating rink, street Park, 19, city centre (from 12 o`clock till 14 o`clock):
- the master - a class on figure skating;
- hockey and skating sports.
park Riviera (tennis courts, from 16 o`clock till 18 o`clock):
- the master - Vladimir Jutkina`s class, Masha Sharapova`s first trainer;
- tennis tournament for adults and children.

How to reach in Sochi

In a city - a resort from Krasnodar each half an hour trains go. And buses which leave at night. The prices for a train: a reserved seat - 350 - 550 roubles, a compartment, SV - 1500 - 2000, an electric train - 105 roubles. The bus - 260 roubles. Phone help road service station Krasnodar - I: (861 262 - 42 - 71;/ d station: (861 262 - 08 - 87.
. . To a place of all competitions:
To Seaside quay it is possible to reach on any minibus from/ d or road service stations towards Adler. A stop the Cinema the Stereo . It is necessary to go down a little to the sea.
... To a city skating rink:
Any minibus from/ d or road service stations towards street Grape, a stop Hostel Moscow to pass to post office, to ask an input on school 8 territory.
... To park Riviera :
Besides from stations to a stop Park Riviera . Tennis courts, by the way, are to the right of a foot zone.

where to stop?

It is advised to be converted at once to employees of resort bureau. It is located at railway station. It is possible to rent, of course, a room at private traders. The blessing of such offers at the station - the sea. The room in apartment in Sochi now costs 500 - 1500 roubles. Hostel - from 2500 roubles a day for number. And here on removing one kojko - a place, it is not necessary to count - such service in Sochi any more do not give.

in what cafe to have dinner?
the Choice huge. In cafe near to park Riviera a shish kebab - from 50 to 80 roubles for 100 grammes.
as a weather?
In Sochi on days off it will be warm - to 30 degrees above zero, vodichka in the sea - +23 0.