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The witness of failure on a crossroads of Frunze - Gogol Roza Saakjan: I washed off blood from poor tell-tales

- That here was created yesterday that was created! - sighs, remembering evening of Monday, the Rose of Saakjan. It, as well as other tenants of nearby houses, has run out on a roar of terrible failure. - one boy has leant against a brick wall of the house, it had something with edges, crisis, probably. I have called in Fast and then has taken out waters, washed off from children blood, gave medicines. Poor... At me the same grandson in army ministers. This night I could not fall asleep. As tried, it has not turned out.
on Monday about five evenings in Krasnodar on a crossroads of streets Frunzes and Gogol there was a road accident: have faced with each other a minibus Mercedes Vito and the military man KAVZ . Thirty 18 - summer cadets of flight school of a name of Serova went with collective pomyvki in a bath. After a crushing blow the bus has fallen on one side.
... Inhabitants of the houses located on this crossroads, have almost ceased to react to a regular scratch of brakes and blows of cowls. They dream of a traffic light which year - where only did not write. Recently here at last - that was established by support for three-eyes . It is a little before - can, then it would be possible to avoid death of one of cadets. The guy had a lung separation, doctors any more in forces were to it to help.
- here such groans, shouts were, - neighbours remember. - but children have begun to help at once each other. Have lifted the bus, have stopped a taxi and have shipped there the boy who has most strongly suffered. Then we have learnt that he has died... Others brought fast . Them here pieces five was.
as we managed to learn, majority of victims was rendered the help in school first-aid station. Now in hospital there are four cadets. Their traumas of threat for life do not represent - bruises, hematomas, rezanye a wound. At one more serious damage - clavicle crisis. Traumas were received also by two women - passengers of a minibus. The driver a Mercedes practically has not suffered.

the COMMENT of OFFICE of Public Prosecutor

- 32 - the summer driver Mercedes has decided to slip a crossroads though before it there was a sign Movement without a stop is forbidden - Denis Chepel, the assistant to the public prosecutor procurators of the Western district of Krasnodar speaks. - the driver understands fault. Criminal case under article 264, a part 2 - " is got; Infringement of traffic regulations and operation of the vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person that is punished by imprisonment till five years. Road accident is made not with malice aforethought, therefore, most likely, to it will give less.

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