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To schoolboys will not allow to break the Prohibition ?

To native school will say goodbye at once 40 thousand Kuban children! For each of them with open arms wait in all high schools of edge. As have told in education department, institutes and universities are ready to accept even bolshee quantity of pupils, than at us is, - 41 thousand person. But here free of charge can arrive not all - all - that of 12 thousand capable children. The others can gnaw a science granite only for money.
but while the head is ill them not about it, and about the forthcoming final.
as, however, and at our militia. At each school on parties will be on duty on three pravoohranitelja.
- And in all parks and squares also there will be our people, - the chief has told a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of a city Ilya JACKALS. - all in these days off we will involve two thousand guards.
in militia worry that, though the Prohibition also declared (see - Kuban From April, 17th), less drunk graduates this year do not become. Some for certain will pull on exploits . Here them is that can take away in militia. Not pozdorovitsja and to the parents who have fairly accepted on a chest. For them in sobering-up stations it is declared night of open doors .
By the way, do not forget that this especial evening it is important not only the beautiful dress, but also comfort. And therefore be in earnest about advice of the skilled:
- Girls on final should take with themselves a shawl or a jacket. It can be cool at night.
- young men need to take care of protective means. No, you not have thought of that, - from mosquitoes. On the Kuban Quay and in Christmas park, namely here bring graduates, them it is now visible - invisibly.
- Try to bypass thickets of bushes. The Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia more than once warned about invasion of pincers. It you need - to step in adult life with entsefalitom?!


the Rain will not be!
- the Feast to children weather will not spoil, rains it is not expected, - has pleased the weather forecaster of regional Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service of Olga SEREBRENNIKOV on duty. - Air will get warm to +27 - 300.