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Duel Kuban with the Ruby has ended with the bill 0:1

From the next defeat it is yellow - green Okorochkov has not rescued also the Habitual agiotage at stadium Kuban before a sabbatical match was not. Fans were tightened by small small groups to stadium, and to the game beginning on tribunes has gathered hardly more ten thousand the most devoted admirers of the command. Most of all from such passivity of fans suffered affliction shashlychniki which have fried meat twice more than it was possible to sell.
- if Kuban and further will so play, we on a broader scale will be ruined, - one of them, Vasily complained. - another matter when we conquer, - then from clients of a release is not present.
Longed at cash desks of stadium and secondhand dealers who had to give tickets below a face-value. And even militiamen were not such severe, as usual.


... kubantsy have flown by and this time.

Bringing down left and has not hammered
in the Match has begun with a minute of silence. Some hours prior to game heart of the football player Kazan " has stopped; the Ruby 22 - summer Renata Gilmullina who flied one of these days on a motorcycle and has had an accident.
Kuban It was not necessary to wait for an easy duel. Even in spite of the fact that the Ruby is in standings several lines more low krasnodartsev. The matter is that in last match in our command have removed two players: the central defender Alexander Orehova and the main sniper Jurisa Lajzansa.
However, and at the Ruby there were problems with structure - some football players of the Kazan club cannot be restored till now after traumas. - at us good children, - has told to correspondent Juris LAJZANS before a match. - I think, they will consult. The main thing - to score a goal.

in the Goal have hammered, only not krasnodartsy, and citizens of Kazan. At first the player the Ruby has loaded from all force on collars, but has got to a bar. And in some minutes were kubanets Ansar Ajupov has given out magnificent transfer on Ryazantsev who has driven a ball in gate is yellow - green. After that thin tribunes have sent on errands football players forward, and it has almost worked. At first Rikardo has got to the defender, the ball has jumped aside to Arthur Tlisovu, but that by gate has missed the mark. On a break football players went under whistle of tribunes, and the most pessimistic fans were pulled to an exit. Trying to rescue game, head coach Leonid Nazarenko in the second time has let out favourites of the Krasnodar public of Renata Janbaeva and Valentine Okorochkova.
And bringing down - so it tenderly names fans - left in the field for the first time in this season, and upon it rested huge hopes. And after all Okorochkov it was valid hardly has not hammered! Renat also over and over again created the dangerous moments, but partners on command not too - that hurried to it to the aid.
nevertheless Nazarenko has again replaced Janbaeva, having solved, what exactly it dulls game. The angry football player did not begin to approach to a bench and has straight gone in podtribunnoe a premise.

- And I so wanted to help...

Now Nazarenko hopes for Spartaka
Towards the end of a match citizens of Kazan could hammer once again. Dzhefton has broken rules in penal, and the judge has immediately appointed a penalty in our gate. But Sibajja has got to a bar. The match and has ended - 1:0. It already the defeat second successively Kuban and both times krasnodartsy suffer failure at the stadium.
- certainly, it is difficult to play without attacking, - Leonid NAZARENKO admitted after a match . - It is necessary to realise those moments which ourselves create but while it is impossible to us. Thank God that already with the following game we can be helped by Spartak Gogniev. Now we need to carry out only the serious analysis of game and to try not to suppose any more such errors.


Citizens of Kazan admired our girls
And we beat off from the tipsy fans On Friday evening in the street Red have casually seen the company of the guys dressed in identical red jumpsuits with an emblem the Ruby . Basically it there were doublers of the Kazan club, but among them we have learnt also several players of the basic structure.
Children have decided to take a walk on a city. Someone from guys ate ice-cream, others plaid about mineral water. - children, and how a mode? - We have asked citizens of Kazan.
- and we very quietly, on tiptoe, - laughed the matter off football players. - carries to you - so much beautiful girls though to Krasnodar move!
- and in Kazan unless there are less than beauties?
- yes all beauties for a long time already married so we will arrive to you of wives to choose. However, girls generally stuck to players not, and the tipsy muzhiks. One convinced citizens of Kazan that with Kuban it shines nothing, so it is already possible to go home. Others were photographed with them and wished good luck.


the Halfback Kuban Valentine OKOROCHKOV: I will write off all on bad luck
After defeat kubantsy not so willingly went on dialogue with the press. It and is clear - all strongly were upset. Especially Valentine Okorochkov: it could become the hero of a meeting, but its blow by miracle was parried by the goalkeeper.
- Valentine, it was heavy to leave on replacement, were strongly stirred?
- yes is not present, all was normal. Any nervous trembling did not test. It is possible to tell, it was completely self-assured, very much wanted to help to recoup to the command. Fine saw that we had excellent moments, but it has turned out nothing.
- why?
- Personally I did not manage only - to hammer in one.
- Have become puzzled?
- I beat in a corner, but the goalkeeper has fine played and has extended a ball from gate.
- today you have let out in an attack - position not so habitual for you.
- yes what difference where to play, the main thing - to leave in the field and to help the command.
- if to reject the defeat, what emotions were at you, after all it is the first game for you for Kuban in the Prime minister - league?
- know, the result leaves traces on mood. To celebrate it precisely I do not gather. I admit, I very strongly was upset.
- two defeats is a local failure successively?
is a question to the trainer. I will write off all on bad luck.