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Thomas Anders and Hulio Iglesias will sing in Sochi

As we already wrote, yesterday in Sochi started futbolno - musical festival of stars of a world platform.
on show which will end in day of the Olympic voting in Guatemala, on July, 4th, more hundreds popular actors will gather. Every day at 16 o`clock at stadium of a name of Slavy Metreveli they will drive a ball, and with 20. 00 - to give two-hour concerts. The price of tickets, with the account steepnesses collectives, it is not too high - from 500 to 1000 roubles. And all means will go on treatment of children needing urgent operations.
when also who can be heard:
- on June, 24th. KKZ Festival . Festival opening, performance of representatives of all countries - participants.
- on June, 25th. Ukraine: Victor Pavlik and group Pavliki INT group Sotzher . German " commands; Soda Maker King ` s Tonic . From Russia - Vlad Topalov.
- on June, 26th. Groups Wednesday from South Korea and GIPSY KING ` S FAMILY from France.
- on June, 27th. Singers from Brazil, Poland. From Russia - Nikolay Trubach.
- on June, 28th. Slovak actors will act with the program of parodies. Russia is represented by singer Alexander Ivans.
- on June, 29th. Dee - dzhej Scott Morris and group THE CHAKRAS from Great Britain, and also Russian Roots .
- on June, 30th. The blues program from Estonia and exotic show - from Argentina. But also - the well-known French group Ottavan .
- on July, 1st. Belarus has sent on festival great variety of actors, among which eks - the musician Sjabrov Vladimir Timoshok, the participant Komedi Klab Anton Safonov, champion Knigi Ginnessa from odes in a rack on a head Albert Skorohod. Russia represent Pierre Nartsiss, Presnyakov - the senior, Chris Kelmi, groups Street Jazz No limited .
- on July, 2nd. From Spain - group Arcangel from Japan - Tokyo shock boys (the input till 18 years is forbidden children, children promise that directly on a scene will be... To swallow of scorpions). And still - legendary German group Boney M .
- on June, 3rd. The program is not disclosed, but promise that all are waited by the big surprise. Under the informal information, expect Hulio Iglesias`s arrival.
- on June, 4th. A closing ceremony. A celebratory concert on which among the other Thomas Anders (" will act; Modern Talking ).