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Mum of grand master Vladimir Kramnik Irina Fedorovna:

On Volodju at us to Tuapse went to look, HOW ON the MIRACLE

In five years the future world champion in three bills beat grey-haired old men
Yesterday to Vladimir Kramnik, to the absolute world champion on chess, 32 years were executed. The day before we have phoned to big brother Volodi, Evgenie Kramnik - he together with the family lives in Tuapse, - and have asked it, a leah plans to visit the chess king in a native city in holiday.
- that you, - Evgenie Borisovich has responded, - Volodi do not have such concept, as holiday or feasts! It all in game, prepares for the World championship. We will not call to it, usually in the birthday he types us, and we congratulate him. To celebrate a feast of Volodja did not plan, especially he now was unwell - cold.
Vladimir on - former lives with the spouse in the centre of Paris, in a cosy flat. Let`s remind, almost half a year back he married the French journalist the Mary - Lor Zhermon (- Kuban from 20. 01. 2007) .
- And to get children they do not gather?
- here I do not know it, - Evgenie Borisovich has laughed. - Volodja very constrained and reserved, and even to us, native, about personal does not tell much.
edition - Kuban congratulates Vladimir Kramnik and wishes it never-ending victories. And here about what our fellow countryman was in the childhood, to us his mother, Irina Fedorovna has told.

As well as everything, the talented little boy went to a garden...

the Father has only helped to develop its talent
the Three-year future grand master quite often approached to a table behind which his father and brother Eugene battled, and is attentive behind them watched. Boris Petrovich as - that has for fun suggested it to place figures. That has easily executed the commission. The father was surprised: Perhaps you and are able to play? I can! - has responded karapuz. And by five years Volodja so was played that arranged all grey-haired old men in Tuapse. In seven years it has received the first category, in nine - became the champion of the USSR among juniors. In 11 - the candidate for the master of sports, in 13 - the master of sports. And in 17 - the grand master!
- I Remember, near the sea we had shops where pensioners battled in chess, - Irina Fedorovna tells. - the Father and Volodju began to result there - to play. Grandfathers wondered: Volodja all beat! To us even different people began to come to look and get acquainted about a miracle - the child.
- but why chess, not draughts, not sea fight?
- the husband very much loved this game and all time played with senior Eugene. And Volode all in it was given very easily. The father only helped to develop this talent.

In the childhood of Volodja liked to send on errands in hockey, and becoming more senior, has conceived a liking for fishing.

Kramnik could live in Stavropol and carry a surname Sokolov
Vladimir Kramnik`s Mum has ended the Lvov conservatory, the father - art academy. After study they have jerked to Stavropol - to them there promised gold mounts, habitation. But, alas, has not developed. Having roamed, the young family has got over in Tuapse, is closer to native than Boris Petrovicha, yes so here and remained.
and Volodja really could be not Kramnik. Its grandfather on the father carried a surname Sokolov.
- it was lost in the first days of the Great Patriotic War, - Irina Fedorovna speaks. - After war the grandmother has married the second time the military man. That have directed to minister to Europe. And that there were no problems, they with the wife have written down children on a surname Kramnik. Here since then the sort of Sokolovyh also has interrupted. The husband with the brother wanted to return itself a surname, but their mum has opposed it. And then Volodja even began to joke about it supposedly Sokolovyh in a rating much, and Kramnik one - never with anybody will not mix.

... It quarrelled and reconciled with the big brother Eugene (on the right).

At first chess, and games then
- Volodja, as well as everything, went to a kindergarten, quarrelled and reconciled with the brother. But here to walk in the street it did not love. It had one passion - chess. On fresh air it was necessary to show the door with fight. He on hours will look: Well it is fine, through a half-hour I will go, but for a short while. And then I will be engaged again! sometimes liked to play with children in hockey.
if the senior periodically had to do a scolding that he well studied Volodja fine consulted with all independently also the personal diary had time to conduct in English. I to its grandson have presented - too to Volode Kramnik that he has understood: to achieve all it is possible only thanks to work.
the Future grand master always differed an infallible memory. Lessons it clicked as sunflower seeds. Though passed at times on a month. But then for three days independently made up for schoolmates. At school till now remember history when Volodja has decided a problem on algebra not in that way that gave under the program. The teacher has put in it trojak. But Vova has been assured that all has solved correctly. The father has reached a city board of education. A problem have once again checked up and have estimated a way of the decision on five!
and as he loved soft toys! Till now indulges itself - buys ridiculous bear cubs and rejoices to it, as if the child.