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Leonard Gatov

Leonard Gatov has died has died on Sunday in one of clinics of Germany. Recently he badly felt. But native believed that Leonard Grigorevich will recover. Alas, the miracle has not occurred.
when happens irreparable, to all who knew it and loved, it was remembered 70 - letie hudruka Prime ministers . It was past January. Leonard Grigorevich has opened the evening game on a pipe - it did it masterly as, however, and everything, for what undertook. In a hall were both his wife, and the daughter, and the small grand daughter who ridiculously rushed on a scene and continually handed over to the grandfather flowers. It was very touching. The indelible anniversary concert has turned out. A leah could then who to think, what it will be the last in life of the maestro?
in January in Krasnodar the 80 - letie was noted also by Yury Grigorovich, which has registered on Kuban out of respect for Gatovu. Thanks to what we could see almost all statements of the master.
At each performance Gatov was in a hall. And theatre-goers it is thin traced its mood. And it it is immutable the first applauded actors. Now were deserted not only premerovtsy, but also all spectators, which hudruk THAT the Premiere has presented set of indelible performances. Yes, Leonarda Grigorevicha had an absolute taste in all. To argue with it it is difficult, and a leah costs?.