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On wedding Miss Universe - 2005 Tuapsinka Natasha Glebov will call one thousand visitors

sews to a celebration a blue dress

In a native city Natasha Glebov there were no more than 13 years. Ever since, as her parents have got over to live to Canada. And here Thai admirers of the beauty have wanted to learn all - all about its childhood and have sent the whole delegation from 33 persons in small Kuban small town. Past Saturday in the evening they were personally met by the head of Tuapse Gennady Prilutsky to show changed city. And on Sunday at midday visitors have departed home. We had time to be crossed with Natasha at its grandmother and the grandfather whom she has come to see in Tuapse. They - that to us also have told about the childhood of the grand daughter, and Natasha - about preparation for forthcoming wedding.
ours zemljachku in Thailand and earlier adored. Miss Universe - 2005 carrying out the mission, quite often visited with visits to this country. Then became a brand of the local brewing company. And now, when Natasha was going to get married for known Thai tennis player Paradorna Sichapana, to it concern well simply as national heroine. Its photo of the improbable sizes can be seen almost at every turn Bangkok. Its engagement with Paradornom broadcast on all TV channel on the air (- Kuban from 27. 04. 07) And what applause have met here all its declaration of love to Paradornu in Thai language!
in Tuapse Natasha has arrived without the groom - it treats a hand after a trauma.
- it is not believed at all that I houses, - all repeated Natasha, strolling on a court yard of the grandmother and the grandfather. - for me the days spent here were the happiest.
- still, - grandfather Alexey Egorovich laughs. - Parents have loaded - hudozhka, music school, gymnastics, English... So you to us will come, will fall to bed and sigh: At last - that will!
- to Canada parents have got over, because Natashinomu very much was pleasant to the father this country, - it the seaman was, - Zoe Alekseevna has told to us. - So they there also remained.
in the same place, in Canada, also Natasha`s career as first beauty has begun. At first it became the third at competition Ms. Canada the next year - already the first. And then has won a title Miss Universe - 2005 .
- Who would tell in the childhood that at me so all will develop, would not believe, - Natasha admits. - in 2002 has seen at competition Oksana Fedorovu and too has decided to try. And here the actress I would not want to become is not on me. I have more to do the business to liking. I began to let out recently eating additives for health, have written the book about beauty - how correctly to think, how to eat and go in for sports. While it left in Thai language, but, probably, soon it will translate and to the Russian. Well - ka, the grandfather, try! It is jelly for a healthy food. It is pleasant? Well here that I spoke - is tasty and it is useful!. Leah Zoe Alekseevna
Will go also Alexey Egorovich on wedding to the grand daughter, they yet do not know. as we will feel - they admit. And wedding will be grandiose - visitors of more thousand.
is all Paradoshiny native and friends, - Natasha laughs. - we will note it in one of hotels on islands. We yet did not discuss a detail. Have appointed only date - on November, 29th, it just next day after an anniversary of our acquaintance. A dress wedding I has already thought over - it will be obligatory gently - blue colour. To me in Thailand a name have thought up on Thai manners - Fa that means blue - from - for colours of eyes, and Paradoshu all call the Check. Here so it is accepted. I gradually study Thai language. paradorn - Russian. It at me already has learnt three phrases: I love you I miss and I hungry . Oh, I do not prepare. Though is not present, salad olive I can make. But we basically at restaurants eat.
- me Paradosha at first sight was pleasant, - Natasha remembers. - we have met on work - it represented the same company, as I. It kind, careful. For me this most important thing. Looks after beautifully, the offer has made well very romantically. Has invited me to island Bali. I already then have suspected wrong . In the evening have gone on walk, and around beauty - stars, ocean. It has knelt and speaks: you Will leave for me? I have responded at once: Yes! At all did not deliberate. And he to me with a brilliant has presented a ring. And here the rain at once has begun to drizzle. We have understood that it is a good omen and all at us will be good.
now Natasha and Paradorn live in Bangkok, but already think of own house in Pataje, big such, with tennis courts.
- Paradosha wants two children - the boy and the girl, - Natasha speaks. - he from a large family - at it two more big brothers are. But I would stop on one girl, as my grandmother and mum. With the future mother-in-law at us remarkable relations. As soon as Paradosha will recover, we will go with it to Canada - I will show it the house and necessarily Niagara Falls.
and on a broader scale, in Thailand I fine feel myself. When me ask, as whom I feel myself on a nationality, I at all do not know what to tell, - both Russian, and the Canadian, and now and tajkoj it is a little.

TTH Natashas Glebovoj

- 26 years.
- growth 177 see
- Weight of 60 kg (last data has measured at the grandmother with the grandfather).
- Eyes - colours of a sea wave.
- on zodiac sign - the Scorpion.
- a favourite animal - a kitty of Temmi.

Advice from Miss Universe - 2005

Want to be same beautiful, how 26 - summer Natasha Glebov? Do, as it!
- do not starve - is it is necessary on the first call of an organism.
- correctly eat - in a diet there should be a maximum of vegetables, fruit.
- Go in for sports - enough and mini - gymnastics in the morning.
- drink more liquids.
- Get enough sleep! In opinion Miss Universe - 2005 for appearance and health this most important thing.
- Be adjusted only on good - drive away bad thoughts!