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The Sochi caricaturist has forced to laugh China and Brazil

At humour festivals in these countries Peter Kulinich there was the winner

Inhabitant of Sochi Peter Kulinich enters into ten the most known caricaturists of a planet. Peter Mihajlovich has gained last victory literally one of these days. Has sent on humour festival to China three works on a subject of extinction of wild birds. This problem very much stirs the artist - he jaro protests against destruction in Sochi of places gnezdovy in the Imeretinsky bay where now there is an active building.

the Jury in Heavenly Empire has chosen its drawing. Imagine: the birdie in a cage sits, and near to it costs small patefonchik. Feathery with a sad kind puts a plate on which on - anglijski it is written: wood Sounds . It would be desirable to exclaim: the Birdie it is a pity!

- Show you this work I cannot, - Peter Mihajlovich is distressed. - I have drawn it only in one copy a format And - 3 and at once have sent on competition to China. Unfortunately, I do not have possibility to scan the drawings. Now, despite a world fame, I am very embarrassed financially. But here other works I can show.

And Peter Mihajlovich gets from zagashnikov the drawings at the sight of which you start to understand that means to look at the world with humour .

- And here this caricature too has made me one of these days the winner, - Peter Kulinich has shown a caricature under the name the Capitalist . - At humour competition in Brazil. I, by the way, the nonprofessional artist. In due time has ended polytechnical institute in Krasnodar. But here it is not so important to be able to draw. It is necessary to have sense of humour and imagination.

- In what only competitions I did not take part for last 35 years, - Peter Mihajlovich continues, - last year even the United Nations Organization diploma has received signed by Secretary general Kofi Annan. Under its aegis passed competition of a political caricature, and I became there the winner. Wanted to bring the contribution to fight against terrorism. After all the caricature is a powerful force.