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Pesticides can get to the Krasnodar water fence

to prevent a misfortune, townspeople have reached the president

the Letter in regional Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement in all has come to understand not whence - nibud, and from Putin`s administration. Natalia Burtsev, the foreman of shop of plant growing uchhoza " became the disturber of universal calmness; Kuban located in a village Elizavetinsky, suburb of Krasnodar. In the end of April, having come in the morning for work, it has been simply shocked: workers scattered across the field... jadohimikaty.
- there - that grows nothing, but a stone`s throw away there are the water intaking towers serving the regional centre! - Natalia is indignant. - chemicals easily can get to water which all of us drink. On it will leave from three months before half a year. Rains, by the way, accelerate process vpityvanija. I tell you it as the professional agriculturist. Than it threatens people? Mass poisonings.
Pesticides, from - for which all this cheese - a pine forest, pylilis on uchhozovskom a warehouse of 30 years has inflamed. And here in an economy has promised to appear suddenly with check the regional commission on terrorism preventive maintenance. The delayed poison needed to be utilised immediately. Only here this process not from the cheap. Therefore the management uchhoza also has decided to throw out simply poisons in pure a field and to powder them zemelkoj.
Natalia Burtsev has demanded to stop a lawlessness, but from it have waved away as from an importunate fly. In total hard workers have scattered across the field four KAMAZa jadohimikatov!
- Where I only did not write! - remembers uneasy krasnodarka. - Both in militia, and in Office of Public Prosecutor. But all my statements remained without the answer. And I have decided to send the letter to the Vladimir Vladimirovichu.
reaction from Presidential Administration has followed the immediate. In uchhoz there have arrived workers of regional Office of Public Prosecutor and Rospotrebnadzora. The samples who have been selected from a field, have confirmed presence in soil of pesticides. And already after that the Office of Public Prosecutor of Prikubansky district in which territory is uchhoz, has filed criminal charges. Overseers of the law and order on this subject have refused flatly comments. But have promised that pesticides from a field will necessarily clean. Has refrained from official statements and a management uchhoza Kuban supposedly when bodies will understand, then we will talk.
by words Burtsevoj who on - former holds a situation under personal control, now inspectors interrogate witnesses, and experts of Rospotrebnadzora make repeated examination. If the laboratory analysis yields positive result, to infringers threatens from two till five years of imprisonment.
- here it just also is most that on there is a terrorism, - Tamara USTINOVA , living in Elizavetke is indignant . It is necessary, that guilty have responded on all severity of the law.
So - that it so, but now where is more important to clean somewhat quicker pesticides from soil. While they indeed have not got to a water fence.

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