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Legless Emil from Novorossisk will go!

after the publication in Lolita Miljavsky has invited to the a current - show the girl of the crippled guy

Anechka`s History and Emilja from Novorossisk, told on pages for May, 28th of this year, has excited readers from all Russia. We will remind that speech in it went about the young beauty who has fallen in love 23 - the summer guy who as the fates decree has remained without both feet. One of the first we were called by employees of the program Without complexes which Lolita Miljavsky conducts.

- Certainly, I will go on a current - show, - without reflecting, have declared Anja. - I hope that there will be people who will help to make Emilju artificial limbs.

... Shootings on which I have gone also, have begun in ten evenings. Annushka considerably was nervous. The sitting next Lyudmila Kasatkin to the aid has come.

- Anja, be not stirred, all will be good, - the known actress has calmed the girl.

the Hall has literally gasped, when in studio there was Lolita, - so strongly she has grown thin. Besides on the person of a telestar was not cosmetics gramme.

- While again I will not marry, I will not be painted, - has declared Lola.

telling story of the love, Anja is again strong raznervnichalas.

- My God, yes you all ice! - has screamed Miljavsky and has pressed palms of Anna to the chest. The leader and did not let out them from the hands throughout all conversation.

- Artificial limbs are necessary only import, - she has advised, - on ours to go very difficultly. I hope, after a transfer exit there will be sponsors.

But it was not necessary to wait. The Love story of the beauty and the legless guy has shaken employees of the First channel.

- Anja, we know the French experts who will make artificial limbs free of charge, - sound producer Maxim has pleased the girl.

After these words of Anja has blossomed with happiness. Lola too has begun to smile. Nevertheless it was visible that it is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Transfer has hardly ended, on Lolita cheeks tears have begun to flow.

After an aether the actress has approached to our heroine Anna Dimova (the Cupid from a teleserial be not born beautiful ). She has gently embraced the girl and has told:

- the Namesake, I know that now - that will be exact all well. After all you know, I the fortuneteller.

- it is not believed that all it has occurred to me, - Anja when we already sat down in the plane to Krasnodar admitted to me. - after a meeting with Loloj I became stronger and more confident. From it such power proceeds! And the main thing - now Emilja will have feet! Thanks favourite which so has changed our life!