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the Plateau over Armavir it has appeared present!

on June, 30th to Kuban ufologists from all Russia on conversation on UFO without ties

to us will gather Not so long ago our reader Marina Aleksandrovna Smirnova who works as the psychologist in a regional narcoclinic was converted, and has told the following story:

- I have just returned from business trip to Armavir. There lived in hostel on the tenth floor. In one of evenings sat with the colleague on a balcony, drank coffee, communicated. And, casually having looked at the sky, we have paid attention to a bright point over us. Stars, the moon moved on a sky, and it - is not present! Only strange blinked. a point hung over us from nine o`clock in the evening till midnight. Then, blymnuv last time, has disappeared. But I have made a picture on tsifrovik...

a shot on which at increase contours " are accurately visible; plateaus We have sent for examination to the head of Novorossisk branch International public scientifically - research association Kosmopoisk to Vasily SIGAREVU. - I Can tell with confidence that a picture present, - Vasily Nikolaevich has assured us. - It is no wonder that it is made in Armavir. This city, Ust - Labinsk and vicinities of Krasnodar, - favourite places of occurrence of the abnormal phenomena and UFO is equal as Novokubansk.

By the way, on June, 30th - on July, 1st in Novokubansk will gather kosmopoiskovtsy from all Russia. About plateaus newcomers and other devilry they will not only speak, but also to sing. In city vicinities will pass the first festival of an author`s song Near circles on a glade .