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To the guys selling Kursk girls, have given term

HISTORY how two guys took away to Moscow young kurjanok and there sold them sutenersham, has told in number from September, 19th. Fortunately, for girls all has ended safely: it their clients have helped to run. However, as the inspector on especially important issues of Office of Public Prosecutor of area Sergey Golubnichenko investigating the given case, this history - only iceberg top considers. A real picture of that sex - services where is wider and more dramatic is created today in the market.
we will remind that on a dock there were three: Evgenie Naumov, Andrey Pronsky and Olesya Denisov. It looked for girls and acquainted them with the friends. Naumov was the organizer, Pronsky carried out a role of the driver. podelnikov accused at once under several articles UK - of numerous abduction of women, their involving in employment by prostitution by violence and threats, trade in minors, the violent acts of sexual character made including a group of persons on preliminary arrangement.

As a result the court has sentenced 24 - summer Evgenie Naumov on set of the acts made by it to nine years of imprisonment. Pronsky has received four years of prison. Denisov has got off with conditional punishment. However the sentence has not entered validity yet and more can be appealed against.