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Englishmen and Germans is better understand Russian

One more high point of superiority four-footed became Cheerful starts . Three national teams have taken part In relay race, puppies have entered into one of which aged about six months and their young owners 7 - 14 years. One of small participants of tournament during overcoming of an obstacle with American stafforshirom Dantes has not resisted standing and has painfully hit at falling. But nevertheless - not without the aid of a canine friend - has reached finish and has received merited spetspriz For the will to win . The best among dogs - juniors have been recognised a German shepherd of Aksel, kokker - a spaniel of Tim and the Bern sennenhund of Dzhessika. Lipetsk cynologists will define definitively title of the champion of area of 2003 on November, 9th on regional eksterernom and breeding review.

it is necessary to add that the last championship had, if it is possible so to be expressed, political underlying reason. Trying to leave from pressure of the western approaches and education principles, Lipetsk dog breeders place emphasis on domestic kinds of training. Checked up by time and brilliant indicators of the Russian dogs in border protection, execution of search, saving and security services.

Nikolay of SIDES.

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