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From - for you I cannot marry

THREE-ROOM apartment Somovy have received in 1982. To the family head of its distance from factory. Ivan, Galina and their small Olja with Serezhej there have moved at once.

There were years. Children grew, and parents already reflected on where a daughter with the son will live then.

In 2001 Somovy have decided to privatise the dwelling. That then it could be exchanged.

By then the daughter already lived in a civil marriage at the husband and waited for the child. And Serezha has decided to help to legalise to parents the rights to apartment.

- Mums, most easier to privatise it on me, - the son has told. - what for to you with the father and Olga to be wound, stand in queues. And then, when it we will sell, on all transactions I will go.

- Serezh, I in it understand nothing, - mum has waved away. - completely to you I trust. Do how it will be better.

No sooner said than done. While the son privatised apartment, to parents the daughter already with the son has returned. An ear ring as if have changed:

- Mum, do not dare to help Olga, - the son has threatened.

- But it my daughter, and Iljushka - the grandson, - has minded Galina.

- Then you to me any more mother! - Sergey has in a fit of temper shouted.

And since that moment life in a family of Somovyh has got bad. Moreover the son has resulted home the bride.

- I want to marry Ljubochke, - he has declared to relatives. - so you should release this premise.

In apartment silence has hung. All members of a family with surprise looked at Sergey.

- the Sonny, yes result you the girl home, - has tried to rectify situation mother. - apartment big, places will suffice all.

- Is not present, mother, you have not understood me. You - you, the father, Olga and its offspring prevent to establish to me a family! - the son has cried. - apartment under documents mine.

Having shouted at parents and the sister, Sergey like would calm down. And next day the guy cut the lock in a door of the room. Has thrown out all things of mother, Olga and her son from the big room.

Galina with the daughter and the grandson has got over in a nine-metre room. However, the father - the invalid Sergey has not expelled. But has warned, that that looked after to itself(himself) a place at a house for aged.

- Remember, I will live in this apartment! - the son every day spoke to parents.

Mother in secret hoped that this stupidity soon will pass, and its sonny again becomes attentive and careful.

But every day life of Somovyh became all nevynosimej. The son has started to do small mucks. Hid from mother keys, broke furniture, expelled all who came to relatives on a visit. And when Galina with Olga have decided to make in the big room repair, it has shouted at them:

- do not dare to do anything in my apartment! Any repair! I on a broader scale here lodgers a dense forest. With Azerbaijanians will live. Then learn!

Sergey has selected all ware, bed-clothes, towels at mother. Visors even the family jewelry which have got to Galina in nasledstvoot of the aunt.

But parents and the sister did not leave apartment.

Then in the spring of this year the son has brought an action the statement of claim, and before it has sent to mother of the lawyer with the lease. Where it has been written that he allows to live it on the living space if each member of a family pays to the owner of apartment on 100 dollars.

- Where I will take such money, - Galina cried, sitting in the evening on the kitchen. - after all, except pension, there are no savings.

the Family head has not sustained attacks of the offspring and in the end of September has left in a house for aged.

the judge has rejected Sergey`s First claim. Without thinking twice the guy employs to itself the good lawyer and again brings an action against parents. Somovym have suggested to sign the agreement of lawsuit. After it apartment it will be possible rasprivatizirovat and to issue on the son and the daughter.

But Galina any more does not believe in it.

- I am fine, but what will do Olja with Iljushkoj? - She has tried to talk to the son.

- the Father I have already survived. You long will not stretch. You will die either of a heart attack, or from a stroke. And Olga will go under the bridge. So without a roof does not remain, - Sergey has declared.

Galina does not understand that has occurred to its favourite sonny. Why it so has changed? What for scoffs at it, the father and the sister?


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