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When in apartments voronezhtsev it will be warm?

all the WEEK long in edition readers call and inform addresses of houses in which heating till now does not work. Many converted to us voronezhtsy complained that housing and communal services services mislead them. For example, on the house 43 on a lane of Honours pupils the announcement hung that trial start-up of heat will occur from October, 11 till October, 13th. Tenants tried to be at home these days, but trial start-up and have not waited.  

Inhabitants of the house 16 on street Komarova have complained that at entrances of their house heat is, and in apartments is not present. The similar situation has developed in the house 6 on street Krasnozvezdnoj: at the first and second entrances of the house heat is, and in two others is absent. 30 on Lydia Rjabtsevoj`s street workers of housing and communal services have informed tenants of the house that heating is connected, and heat in apartments is not present, because the boiler-house cannot provide the necessary pressure.  


the Vice-president of committee of housing and communal services administratsiig. Voronezh Igor of SHANKS:

- Open Society Voronezhenergo has received good on heat start-up in Railway, Left-bank and Leninsk areas. It concerns and prime objects - to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and to available housing so warmly in houses of inhabitants of these areas soon will appear. In Left-bank area on October, 15th thermal power station - 1 has started to give heat in available housing houses (them nearby 200). In Leninsk area has been started 4 - I heating main, but quantity of houses which have been connected to heating, I to you precisely cannot name. Tritely warm and in apartment houses of the Central area. In the Soviet area the situation is more difficult. There since October, 14th has started to give heat of Open Company Voronezhteploenergo industrial complex Hothouse Has started the departmental boiler-house, municipal boiler-house JUZR - 16, heating - jushchaja about 100 houses has started to work. But Voronezhenergo warm in the Soviet area yet does not give.  

the Head of administration of Kominternovsky area Ivan of SAMPLES:

- Prime objects in our area are provided by heat practically for 100 percent: all 36 schools, 40 from 42 kindergartens, 20 medical institutions from 23. As to habitation while heat is only in 256 houses is approximately 1/ 5 available housings of our area. Has not begun giving of heat of Open Society Voronezhenergo . But by Saturday heating will function in all houses of Kominternovsky area.

the Chief of department of power savings and perspective development of department of development of municipal economy of administration  
Voronezh Vladimir SOBOLEV:

- At 11 o`clock on October, 16th all on a city it is connected to heat 90 - 95 percent of prime objects - hospitals, schools, kindergartens - and about 50 percent of available housing. 1592 municipal buildings, 107 houses concerning to TSZH and ZHSK, and 160 departmental houses here enter. We plan to finish works on heat start-up to the beginning of the next week. Arising which - where failures on heating mains will be liquidated within days.

These complaints have arrived to us during yesterday  

At the moment of number signing in the press there was no heat in apartment houses to following addresses: street the Birchwood, 72, street 232 - j the Shooting Division, 17, street 25 - go January, 48, 72, street 20 - letija October, 76, street Peshestreletsky, 79, 81, street Oleko Dundicha, 11, Moiseyev`s street, 42, 43, 69, 73, the prospectus of Patriots, 18, 20, street Perevertkina, 35, 41, Moskovsky prospectus, 8, 102, street Cosmonauts, 14, 16, 60, 62, street of Heroes of Siberians, 13, street Lizjukova, 35, 36, street Student`s, 33, street of Engels, 11, street Domostroitelej, 59, street 60 - j Armies, 31, street Quay of Aviabuilders, 16, 18, 38, street Southern - Moravian, 12, street Deputy, 10, street 40 - letija October, 2, street Oleko Dundicha, 23, street Ordzhonikidze, 18, street Vlad. Neva, 40, 47, street Holzunova, 94, 96, 98, 100, Victory parkway, 33, street Krasnozvezdnaja, 32 (1 - j an entrance), street Nebolsina, 19, Voroshilov`s street, 34, street Holzunova, 94, Tupolev`s street, 23, 25, 30, street of Ilyich, 142, Marshak`s street, 2, 6, 8, 10, street of Communards, 41, Merkulov`s street, 2, street Running, 156, street Volgograd, 29.

From edition: we Ask to consider the publication of these addresses as the official reference to the city authorities with the request to accelerate heat supply connection to the specified addresses.

At the device Alexander MAROCHKIN was on duty.