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The Voronezh weather forecasters striked

HOWEVER, weathers strike which has passed on Tuesday, has not made. It has lasted only an hour and a half. As have explained to us in meteorological fast of the Voronezh airdrome, the order to them was given by the chief of the regional centre on hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment Alexander Sushkov. Its reason became long Voronezhavia . In the end of August of the company have made last prevention. And this week Alexander Sushkov has ordered subordinated to continue work, but the weather given companies not to inform.

If strike has lasted longer, work of the Voronezh airport could be completely paralizovanna. But, from - for short durations of the action only one flight was late. And that because of a strong fog in destination.

At long-term action of such measures losses Voronezhavia could be enormous. The matter is that in August of this year at the company from - for failures of the plane belonging to it have withdrawn the licence for passenger transportations. As a result Voronezhavia has been urged to lease all aircrafts, having left at the order only Voronezh airport. But also it, on hearings, at the company could select, do not settle it in time has put with meteorologists. Under the informal information, there are enough applicants for the Voronezh airport, and, probably, they could sabotage performance of weather forecasters to complicate life to the competitors.


Alexander`s TKACHEVA Photo.