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We dress up autumn


the Strip gradually gives in, and on all fashionable podiums the bright impressive cage was established.
however from short tennis short skirts in the large it is red - a black cage Lena has flatly refused - in the autumn in it will be too cold, and to what to shock teachers.

As a result the choice has stopped on long half-woollen jubkev medovo - amber tones with an asymmetric line of a bottom. Its thin red cage was not bright, as has seduced intellegentnuju Lena.

In pair to a skirt there and then was also red, deliberately simple sviterok with furnish of a bottom and sleeves a fringe. At desire it is possible to add a velveteen jacket of brick colour - for solidity.

the dress " Has turned out; the Girl - autumn in paints inherent in these season. The problem has been executed, things have appeared also fashionable and umestnymiv a cold season.

... And this in 1980 rbl.

to the FUN - HOUR

In one of shops to Lena has attracted charming paltishko with the fashionable invoice under a zebra . Slightly fitted coats with actual length hardly below a knee now in the big honour, and predatory colourings never get out of fashion. We have recommended to it to get also superactual in every respect a skirt, as under the invoice (velveteen on the peak),
and on drawing ( a Turkish cucumber has not got out of fashion yet). Thus the asymmetric line of a bottom and two cuts coquettishly bare feet.

it is fashionable

the Bright cage of the different sizes.

the Stylish invoice a cow or a zebra .

Velveteen and a tweed.

Colours of autumn - orange, red, terracotta.

Contrast combinations - white - black, red - black.


Alexander`s TKACHEVA Photo.

the Autumn clothes were chosen by Elena LITVINOVA.