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In Voronezh becomes on one maternity home less?

Last ten years maternity home BSMP personnel is ready to leave - all this time to them threaten with eviction. In the beginning of October, on board of regional management of public health services in maternity to an epopee have decided to put an end. White papers about closing while are not present, but officials have declared firmly that to spring of maternity home in BSMP will not be.

the Problem has appeared in 1987 when in hospital of the first help equipped patrimonial and viewing. The branch was created as time. Now it - one of the best in Voronezh. At any moment to the lying-in woman can render necessary medical aid. From other maternity hospitals here forward heavy the infected women, from burden vagabonds, foreigners without a residence permit and even the inhabitant of a pre-trial detention centre here are resolved. However the administration of hospital and a management of the Voronezh public health services have decided to give a maternity home premise under resuscitation. Medical staff calm in that its all herd will forward to other maternity hospital - in Electronics . In the same place and without that the overload - instead of 125 patients should be accepted 195.

Doctors, the nurse and midwifes wait for that moment when to them will show the door. Colleagues from other maternity hospitals stand on their party, but to accept the whole guards of additional shots and lying-in women nobody in forces. if will close branch in BSMP, we remain on the right coast one and we will simply choke - have told to us in the third maternity home.

Tatyana TELPIS.

Alexander`s TKACHEVA Photo.