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The stylish office, or Management for the boss


Plastic windows have ceased to be for a long time luxury. Now it first of all industrial necessity. They have an aesthetic appearance, easily open, warming, zvukonepronitsaemy do not demand. It means that your employees will not distract on noise behind a window, to waste time on zadelyvanie cracks, to be saved from draughts and a cold.

And to good windows it is required and corresponding registration. A jalousie has fine proved as a convenient and multipurpose decor of windows. But, as a rule, they already are practically at all offices. Therefore designers advise to hang up over a jalousie a transparent curtain from soft organzy or a tulle. It will make an interior of your office more stylish, progressive and at the same time cosy.


Classics. Massive wooden furniture (the oak, a nut, a maple, mahagon use the greatest popularity), monumental leather armchairs, monophonic cases and show-windows with classical clearness of lines. A colour palette - from dark - grey to it is red - brown and chocolate. And it is indispensable boozeri (furnish of walls by wooden panels in tone of furniture) to give to an interior style completeness. They are durable, after special processing do not demand any leaving, except dry cleaning.

Find fault - flew. The ultramodern minimalist design is shown in stylish glass designs. For example, the table-top from the matte polished glass 12 gives mm to solidity and at the same time gives rise to sensation of refinement. The combination of a dark interline interval to matte glass and details from aluminium creates sensation of an elitism and ambition. And the original combination of colours - graphite and noble kalvadosa - adds the importance.
it is important to avoid at sensation office kazennosti and cold estrangement. To create in it warm, a bit house atmosphere, use following receptions.

the Ware

Brown tea and coffee services from the French glass is for a long time not fashionably. At office and without that the severity suffices. And though the ware should be laconically simple forms, its cheerful raznotsvete will allow to distract and cheer up. Only choose cups monophonic, without any drawings. It is better to get identical coffee and tea subjects.

the Delicacy

Get for office a stylish accessory - aromalampu. The spark of a candle and a pleasant smell will create more friendly atmosphere, will involve more clients, will make their constants (especially if it thus will submit coffee in bright cheerful cups). Aroma of ginger, a carnation and a bergamot will not allow your employees to be ill in colds and a flu epidemic. Besides, by means of smells it is possible to raise their working capacity. For example, to increase intelligence factor aroma majorana, a bergamot, rosemary will help. Levzeja improves memory, strengthens attentiveness, makes active creative and logic thinking. And the orange and a brevier grejn will remove a syndrome of weariness of eyes at work behind the computer.


Evgenie SAZONOV`S Photo.


the Plastic window (1,5 m h 1,5 m, a two-chamber double-glazed window, a window sill, outflow) - 9 - 11 thousand rbl.

the Jalousie: horizontal - from 320 rbl. for sq. m; vertical - from 250 rbl.

Aromalampa - 85 - 800 rbl.

Essence - 135 - 295 rbl.



the Main thing - that at firm was the person

Behind recommendations concerning the style decision of office we were converted to the Voronezh expert in architecture and Julia`s design BABAEVOJ:

- At a choice of the general style it is necessary to think, the firm wishes to reflect what characteristics in the interior. If you want to emphasise solidity and traditional character of business, on its stability - choose the classical style casting thought on eternal values and reliability. The stylistic decision of offices creative kolektivov (design - the companies, publicity agents, publishing houses) can be in deliberate negligence, a so-called pleasant disorder. If your firm progressive and dynamically developing, with nonconventionally conceiving people, approaches you fashionable now style find fault - flew. To underline the importance of visitors, to show the advanced European style, then the ideal decision - the light, open space filled air . The most important thing - behind fashionable tendencies not to forget about individuality. Not to join a train of the same firms - the twins who do not have the person.