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In Voronezh the first deputy of the general director of Open Society " will rise in price warmly

Yesterday; Voronezhenergo “ Nikolay Nazarov has informed that in 2004 tariffs for heat for the enterprises and the organisations financed from the budget, can grow for 16 percent. As to the population, simple voronezhtsam too it is necessary to tighten more tightly belts.

is does not mean that the population will start to pay at once more, - Nikolay Romanovich has made a reservation. - Increase of tariffs will occur gradually. The top level size is established by the government of the Russian Federation. As a rule, it is adhered to inflation factor. New tariffs will start to operate already from the beginning of new year.

we Will remind that now the tariff for the population makes 4 roubles за1 square metre of the heated area. This tariff is established by the Regional power commission at administration of the Voronezh region, Irina Guschin has informed the chief of economic management of administration of Voronezh. Economically well-founded tariff for heat составляет9 roubles of 57 copecks. Thus, the population pays less than half of cost of heat, the rest pays extra the budget. The information on increase in tariffs since 2004 in economic management have no. How much we will pay for heat in 2004, anybody from officials to tell precisely does not undertake.

Alexander MAROCHKIN.

the QUESTION - a leah

It is necessary to pay in the EDGE for heat if it is not present?

With such question some tens our readers were converted into edition

by Voronezhtsy in which houses have warmly given, but not on October, 13th as it has been planned, and much later, have become interested in order of fee of a heat supply in connection with this delay. “ a leah It is necessary to us to pay for heat since October, 13th or we will pay only those days when warmly actually was in our apartments? “ - Our readers asked.  

- All consumers of heat will pay only for those days when heating in their houses has started to function, - the chief of department of power savings and perspective development of department of development of municipal economy Vladimir Sobolev has calmed. - Teplosnabzhajushchie of the organisation give the data on heat start-up in a district misinformation, those verify them with the data, and on the basis of it suppliers of heat and a district misinformation sign reconciliation statements in which it is accurately defined, how much days in what houses moved warmly. So will pay voronezhtsy only for that warmly which have received.


the Regional administration will receive heat in last turn  

As has declared fulfilling duties of the head of administration of area the first vitse - governor Sergey Naumov, to heads of the enterprises who in due time were not prepared for the cold season beginning, for the negligence it is necessary to answer in Office of Public Prosecutor. You will not envy also to regional officials: under Sergey Naumov`s decision the building of regional administration will receive heat in last turn.

the Press - the centre of administration of the region.


the Chief of department of operation of habitation administratsiig. Voronezh Evgenie of the SHAGGY:

- Now in Voronezh from 4118 apartment houses warmly it is not started up in 320. It is More than hundred from these houses it is necessary on boiler-houses mehzavoda. Therefore Kolesnichenko is meanwhile cold on Voroshilov`s street, practically on all Deputy, almost on Moiseyev`s all street, in streets Chernyakhovsk. Also while there is no heat in the co-operative houses concerning to TSZH, - they will be connected in last turn, after municipal habitation. As to prime objects while without heat there are 2 kindergartens, 3 medical institutions and 2 schools. The reasons, as a rule, internal, not dependent on us. I believe, this week all malfunctions will be eliminated.