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Oligarch Khodorkovsky was going to buy the Torch ?

On Friday on a city hearings have spread: say, at a meeting with a management of area Michael Khodorkovsky has promised to buy our soccer team... The sum and terms of the prospective transaction were called even. In the same evening we have asked Michael Borisovicha to comment on these rumours.

- Any concrete promises I did not give, - Khodorkovsky has declared to the correspondent. - it is simple in the half-joking form me have asked to assist the Voronezh football players - for example, to buy the Torch in the manner of Abramovich. I have responded that if when - nibud I will be going to buy any chelsi I will begin with Voronezh the Torch . But no more that. No practicable plans about an investment of capitals in sports business at me are present.

Despite it, it is necessary to note: hearing about to Khodorkovsky`s purchase has laid down on favourable circumstances. In local okolosportivnyh circles the last some months are exaggerated hearings that now the Torch ostensibly intentionally lead up to the handle -
say definitively to bring down on it the price and then successfully to sell to certain Muscovites. One of the main arguments of supporters of this theory - trainer`s leapfrog and unbounded losses of our football players.

Andreys MAXIMS.

Alexander`s ZINCHENKO Photo.


to sell the team it is unreal!

the Chairman of the supervisory board of football club the Torch Arcady MOZHAITOV:

- We with pleasure would sell the Torch . After all the command is a burden for the regional budget. For how much? Yes though for rouble. Matter is not in the price. The main thing that it contained. But I consider what to sell the Torch it is unreal. And not because we do not want, simply wishing hardly will be.

Alexey SERGUNIN Has written down.


Our football players have ceased to lose  

Defeat in a meeting with Petersburg the Dynamo practically deprived the Torch chances of residence permit preservation in the first battalion. And football players have remembered former times. As a result - a drawn game. For victory there was no luck - for two minutes to a final whistle at the bill 2:2 Nikitin has not got to empty gate. Head coach Sergey Krestenenko was bothered with weak-willed actions stars and he has given chance to play that who actually wants it. Since first minutes in the field there was a player of a double of Vladlen Vasilev. And it has justified trust of the trainer. Vladlen has led, perhaps, best match as a part of the main command of area and has participated in the first goal attack. And all command has played on the firm four. After a break of Krestenenko has let out in the field of one more doubler - Palchikova. And it has not brought the trainer. Such self-denying game performed by the Voronezh football players was not for a long time.  

Today the Torch will lead a final match of the championship on the home field with Kaliningrad Baltic . The beginning in 18. 00.