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the Moscow suppressor comes back to Lipetsk?

in the summer all Moscow militia was knocked down in search of the serial murderer who forced and killed women in the north and severo - the capital east. Field investigators of Moscow many times marked similarity of criminal handwriting of the Moscow suppressor and the Lipetsk maniac. In October of any similar crime in Moscow, fortunately, it has not been registered. has really lain down on a bottom or has got over in other region? - built assumptions capital syskari.

And suddenly in the middle of October in the Eagle employees local rybnadzora have stopped the motorist at whom in a luggage carrier lay... A female fur coat. The special reasons for cross-questioning at inspectors then was not. They have appeared later when in some minutes in water have found out a corpse of the bared girl. (Informed on this crime). The Oryol inspectors had a version that the Lipetsk maniac confuses traces and commits crimes already across all Chernozem region.

Indirectly it has been confirmed by last bloody event. The next victim have found out nearby to the village Dmitrjashevka of Hlevensky area of the Lipetsk region located in several kilometres from a federal highway Don . And, as well as in an Eagle, killed have found out in the river. The local fisherman was horrified, when the current has brought the dead woman under a boat. Examination has established that most likely the unfortunate has been drowned. Any traces of violence on its body it was not revealed. It is not characteristic for the Lipetsk maniac which, as it is known, smothered the victims, and then forced them in the perverted form. But to be charged that the maniac has not replaced handwriting, any militiaman occupied with its searches today cannot. The clothes, valuable things - hours and an ornament under gold - the villain has not removed. Workers hlevenskoj Offices of Public Prosecutor have put forward in the beginning the version that this woman is the representative of so-called commercial sex. But any proofs it has not been found. To tell, a leah was exposed the woman to sexual violence while too it is impossible. Similar examination becomes within a month.


Lipetsk region

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