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The guitarist the King and the Clown has fainted at a concert in the Eagle

the King and the Clown profits in the Eagle from Tula where played the day before. Musicians on the journey had a bite. According to an environment, children are very unpretentious in meal. Especially a bass - the guitarist to Ball (Alexander Balunov), for couple of days to a concert managed to devour... An envelope with the letter of the admirer which was brought to it by little girls from Moscow the fan - club.

Before performance children almost did not drink. Only the vocalist of group the Prince (Andrey Knyazev) was few times put to a litre bottle Martini . And the second singer - the Pot (Michael Gorshenev) - has run recently into such depression, has stopped what to drink absolutely. Also waits for one - when mad tour tour and group will end will easy write down in studio a new album. By the way, its working name - Jacob of all has ruined .

In the middle of Sashe Balunovu concert it became bad - most likely, not digested envelope has had an effect. From - for side scenes to it have taken out a chair.

an hour later after the beginning of a concert the Prince with the Pot have rushed with fists on the security guard who dragged off from a scene of the young fellow. Feeling under reliable protection of substitutes, fans have rushed to embrace musicians. They pulled out microphones at singers, pulled strings of guitars, banged on drums. Protection was in obvious minority and had not time to throw out all hooligans from a scene.

the First psihanul guitarist Jasha Tsvirkunov. It obmateril the boy of years of ten, trying to accompany it on its own tool.

In the end of a song muzhiks " Ate meat; to Ball as knocked down has failed from lateral stage edge. the concert is ended - is short declared the Pot and has left. After it the scene was left also by other musicians. And only Alexander Leontev (Renegade) was late on pair minutes, that... To fight. Only protection has rescued from its fists of the several fans, trying to tear its guitar on souvenirs.

Most likely, having noticed feeling sick of Sashi, musicians have agreed to play a faint, more likely to leave the scene which has turned to a brothel.

Coming back home from a concert, the group of fans has noticed the Kishevsky bus at doors of one of supermarkets. Having run in inside, children have reaped the whole crop of autographs with buying Martini the Pot, and then from the Prince who bore in hands... A package of steering-wheels. children, give easy zataritsja! - tired musicians waved away from fans.

Directly from shop the group has gone to Voronezh. On road musicians under an acoustic guitar rehearsed songs from a new album.

Evgenie proskurjakov.

the Photo of the author and Sergey RUDNEV.

the Eagle.

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