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The Oryol addict alloyed superqualitative dollars

In the Oryol bodies of the Department of Internal Affairs for last four years 12 not opened affairs about a fake sotennyh dollar denominations have accumulated. All forgeries were of very high quality and are made obviously not on the colour printer or the copier - from them smelt the typographical machine tool.

Recently the flower girl of one of the Oryol markets was converted into militia. It has brought the next one hundred dollars on check. According to the woman, a certain young person has handed over it money for a bunch of flowers and was paid back in kind (already in roubles). The neigbour in a trading place has asked the girlfriend to sell to it dollars, but, having seen dollars, has begun to doubt in authenticity of a denomination. Its fears were confirmed with militian examination. But the forgery has appeared very qualitative - contained both water marks, and a metal strip.

the Inspector on especially important issues of investigatory management at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Oryol region Nikolay Trefilov has gone to go round the markets. Also has found out that effectively dressed young woman tried vsuchit a forgery and to speculators in foreign currency. Muzhiks have advised to the girl to hand over it podobru - pozdorovu in militia. But it has sat down in a taxi and has left. Speculators in foreign currency have remembered car number, and the driver - number of the house of the passenger. It was easy to calculate apartment.

During a search of counterfeit dollars at the suspect it has not appeared. But in a pocket of her husband they have found out heroin, and in rooms - more than ten korobkov marihuana. According to the owner, a grass he smoked to recover from cold. And on a needle they with the wife sit already for a long time.

According to article Manufacturing or sale of counterfeit money or securities to the woman threatens till eight years of imprisonment. Besides it has an aggravating circumstance: At the moment of detention at the woman conditional term for theft of semi-annual prescription has not ended.

Evgenie proskurjakov.

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