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Believers lipchane refuse from the press antihrista

Employees local passport - visa service in a panic: to them has arrived already more than 200 letters - notification messages about unwillingness to change the main document of the citizen of the country. And this with the fact that till the end of taken away on replacement of passports of term new documents yet have not received for couple of months about 200 thousand inhabitants of the Lipetsk region.

to passports of the new sample at citizens who have officially gone on refusal it is some Claims. It, in - the first, provided on the second page of the document of the count for the personal identification code. Its orthodox citizens consider as refusal of the name given at baptism. In - the second, hidden under a photo a magnetic label on which it is possible to write down any information on the owner without his permission. Believers also could make out and three six in a pattern of numbers of odd pages of the passport. Revolts lipchan and absence in the column identification card a nationality .

Statements in militia and power structures arrive as collective, and from separate citizens. In overwhelming majority of their authors - elderly and balzakovskogo age of the woman. Similarity of texts of their statements has suggested an idea police officers that lipchanok someone supervises over actions of believers. The big activity like would be shown by two young enough women - active workers a crusade against labels antihrista in new passports. To invite them for conversation yet it was not possible. Attempts of the correspondent to leave on them through private soldiers otkaznits also have not crowned by success. All of them have declared that operate osoznanno and is independent. And, being orthodox hristiankami, cannot have documents with satanic symbols. And, as a matter of fact, only retell the maintenance of statements.

Directly sect any! - Workers passport - visa service make a helpless gesture.

to Help to convince lipchanok of groundlessness of their fears representatives of the power have asked orthodox clergy. But, seemingly, even exhortings of fathers of that do not oppose to process of replacement of passports even church hierarches led by patriarch Alex, the big action have not conceived. The quantity otkaznyh statements continues to increase in a geometrical progression. As the decision of the arisen problem out of the competence passport - visa service of Lipetsk and even deputies of country council the arrived applications, most likely, will be directed to more competent bodies of federal level. But, according to Lipetsk militiamen, it will not rescue orthodox ljud from inevitable January of next year of penalties for old passports.

Nikolay of SIDES.

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to Receive passport 22 - the summer guy refuses 6 years - for sports reasons.

the passport is not necessary to the Football fan  

Tambovchanin refuses to receive Start in life for sports reasons

six years 22 - the summer fellow by a nickname of Vasja - the tourist lives without the passport. The tourist - the big fan of football club Spartak : in the beginning 90 - h has registered in section - spotty to send on errands - and so has fallen in love with this business that it became sense of his life. When Vase was executed 16, he has decided what to receive the important document will not go - God forbid, in army still will take away.  
- at one motives of an excuse from army religious, and at me - sports, - shares the fugitive . - Here will take away me on Native land protection, and who then colours it is red - white will protect? - He speaks.

Now Vasily on heels follows club and to exchange nomadic life on any another refuses flatly. He travels exclusively on dogs - So football fans of an electric train name - from Tambov to Michurinsk, from Michurinsk to Ryazan, and therefrom - straight in pervoprestolnuju.  

- Without the passport by electric trains from a city easily it is possible to move to a city, - Vasily shares. - by trains it is more difficult.

the Local divisional home to the Tourist some times came - wanted the guy to teach, but has given up as a bad job - the pier, itself will come running, when it is required. To run behind the passport of Vasja does not gather: - Sports - this same religion, to it it is necessary to live, - he speaks.

Tatyana GRIDNEVA.  

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