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In Kursk the Vasilevsky market

Explosion has blown up has occurred about seven o`clock in the morning. Has jerked so that was audible even in the next street.

- I thought, this continuation of my dreadful dream. But here mum resorts and shouts: There the market have blown up! then the girl-friend has called, does not cry nearly: the Second floor in the market has carried! - Tatyana remembers.

She lives in the house opposite to the Vasilevsky market. The majority of tenants of the nearest houses has woken up from the most powerful clap also. The first thought at people was: there was an act of terrorism. Already after those who came the day before on the market, have remembered that on Tuesday here worked gazoviki, adjusted a gas boiler-house. Speak, when the equipment have started, there was a leak. Works have ostensibly suspended, have called an emergency signal. Workers promised to arrive in the morning and all to complete.

- I ran yesterday on the market and have felt a specific smell of gas, - Tatyana speaks.

From explosion the part of a building from a court yard - the right corner of both floors has failed. From a stall in the neighbourhood has broken a signboard, in the market a blast wave povybivalo all glasses. At this time in a building there were two persons: the watchman and the cleaner, one more watchman was in territory. Those who was in a building, have appeared under blockages. The man is delivered in 4 - ju city hospital. Fortunately, traumas have appeared not serious, the worker has got off with grazes and bruises, and almost at once has been released home. And the woman had a stomach trauma, and it should be hospitalised in hospital of the first help.

Under blockages the loader - the young man who still had three children was lost. Just during this moment it has brought up to a porch vetlechebnitsy which is in a market court yard, the cart with the cut hulk. Before sale meat was necessary proklejmit. The man rose on a porch when on it the platform has failed.

- On a supervisory console of our service the call from ohrannitsy the market has arrived. The woman has informed that there was a collapse.

all emergency services At once have into place left. The scene was examined by cynologists with a dog. At present people under blockages does not remain, - has declared the head of department on affairs GO and CHS cities of Kursk colonel Alexander Novitsky after two hours after explosion.

the Director of the market Vasily Krjukov has learnt about happened in some minutes. And at once has come tearing along into place.

- I do not know what to tell... Workers like would block the gate. At least, so have told... The market how much will not work, it I while cannot tell. It is necessary to break and build completely all a building anew. Has collapsed after all not only this corner, everywhere povybivalo doors, doorways, inside povybivalo partitions are broken, overlappings have descended... But we will not turn off street trade, - Vasily Aleksandrovich has explained.

gas Leak is while only one of versions happened. Experts should make definitive conclusions to evening of yesterday, already after signing of this number in the press. But very few people considers that explosion in the Vasilevsky market - a handwork of terrorists. To sellers who have spent all the morning long on the area before the market, it is the version it seems too farfetched. As, however, and that dismantlings between the director of the market and any criminal structures could be a cause of the explosion.


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