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Expensive car have declared war?

on the night of Monday in Eltse have completely burnt VAZOVSKY to ten . Couple of months back in an ancient city and suburban settlement Solidarity for one night at once three automobile owners have lost the iron horses . Cars flashed with an interval at one o`clock. From expensive foreign cars there were one skeletons.

Now similar cases began to occur and in the regional centre. The scheme of actions of malefactors in all episodes is identical. Under the screen of night they squeeze out a windshield in left on parking near the house to the car. Then the polyethylene bottle flies to car salon with a gas mixture. Any valuable things malefactors do not take: autoradio tape recorders and other expensive accessories burn down together with the car case. In quality victims instigators choose exclusively new foreign cars or expensive models of cars of a domestic production. More often they belong to succeeding businessmen, for which loss an abrupt wheelbarrow is not an occasion to grief. Frequently they are not converted at all into law enforcement bodies. Militiamen only fix kindling cases. Those for two weeks in Lipetsk has occurred already six.

In law enforcement bodies consider that have faced the new kind of crimes having strongly pronounced social motives. The purpose of malefactors is not abduction, namely destruction of expensive cars.

Nikolay of SIDES.

the Photo from archive.