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Leah Belgorod by the winter is ready?

- PREPARATION for winter has begun in May as soon as the previous season has ended, under the schedule and the basic directions it is warm, light, water. Prepared roads, transport, available housing, objects of public health services, education, culture. Since October, 15th heat giving in apartment houses of Belgorod has begun. By the way, could wait a little more as under the law the cold season begins when within six days the daily average temperature does not exceed eight degrees. At us to the fifteenth of it yet was not, but we have decided not to tighten. From 164 objects of education heat is in 156, that is in all operating. The others, as a rule, on repair, that is people there are not present. As to heat giving in houses technologically in such city as Belgorod, it is possible to start heat for two - two and a half a week, but we consider that we have a maximum ten days. Today thermal networks work in a round-the-clock mode.

- a leah Is in a city problem areas where heat giving is connected with objective difficulties?

- By and large technical problems are not present. There are problems with departmental boiler-houses, for example a meat-packing plant on Krejde. There are questions on local boiler-houses, but all of them dare.

- And still if in any apartment, despite all promises, it will not be warm to whom to be converted to inhabitants?

- First of all, it is necessary to be converted into the REU or TSZH. Everywhere there are groups of giving of heat. They should take urgent measures.

- On some entrances there were announcements, in which defaulters of utilities promise to leave without heat. How much it is lawful?

- We validly concern all townsmen, but we ask also them to concern yours faithfully the services providing ability to live of townspeople including in time to pay all rendered services. To malicious defaulters the measures provided by the law will be applied. But at start-up it will not be warm the such. Moreover, I want, that announcements have been removed, and where it will not be made, we will already apply measures to heads.

- One more serious winter problem - ice. How with it will struggle in the future winter?

- Yes, in the winter on roads it is a lot of difficulties - snow drifts, the same ice. Now at us, I consider, is 10 - 12 days to deliver in the necessary quantity sand for peschano - a hydrochloric mix, completely to prepare technics. Only it would be desirable, that all understood that there are big snowfalls, to cope with which consequences for one day not always it is possible. We will aspire And still to the maximum efficiency of cleaning of roads and sidewalks.

- In Moscow for struggle against ice new reagents are used. And at us?

- the Moscow reagents, in - the first, very expensive, and in - the second, they are not so effective at our climate. So, in this case, I consider that the newest is for a long time forgotten old. Another matter that is better to use washed sand though it too is expensive.

- the Winter - is time long dark evenings. The city will be how much well shined?

- I Want to notice that before the beginning of new academic year it has been given to shine the commission territory before schools, other educational institutions, and it is executed. We are engaged in illumination of streets, there is a special program on city suburbs. Problem while there are areas of individual housing construction - Repnoe, Jugo - Western, East. We will solve this problem together with inhabitants - owners of cottages.

Andrey YUDIN.