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Dmitry SAUTIN: ten years I to itself the cook!

- about sportsmen think that they eat for a two. It is far not so. Judge: in eight mornings at me a breakfast - yoghurt and coffee with milk, and in nine - already the first training. To twelve I come home. I have dinner sandwiches from cheese and Doctor`s . In four the second training - hours till seven evenings begins. And only for a supper I afford both the first and the second. Whenever possible I try not to do without the hot. The borsch and mushroom soup most of all are pleasant. From meat dishes I prefer pork. Fish too I love, especially a trout. And still I adore the Brazilian coffee. It is a pity only that in Voronezh it not to find. Soluble I do not recognise, I buy only in grains.

It has appeared that Dmitry - the excellent cook though it estimates the culinary abilities modestly enough:

- to Stand at a plate not that that love - I concern it as to necessity more likely. Any more the first year I live one, independently so to learn to prepare time was. To readers I will tell, how I prepare a chicken and the favourite salad.

the RECIPE 1

the Chicken under mayonnaise

- the Chicken I cut on portsionnye pieces, I salt and I pepper from two parties. I put on dry protiven and I fill in with mayonnaise. I send a bird in the warmed up oven 15 minutes. Then I overturn pieces and again I water with their mayonnaise. After that meat will prepare even 25 minutes. With a chicken I love a potato or fig.

Salad and a chicken - a champion combination.


Vegetable salad

Why this salad of Dima prefers the RECIPE to the rests, he has explained so:

- In - the first, it very useful, and in - the second, prepares in no time. In total - that after all it is necessary to cut vegetables with cubes, to salt, pepper. And then to fill in with sunflower-seed oil. Also it is ready!

According to the champion, the main thing on kitchen - the class, well ground knifes.

On two portions: