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Lipchanam will show dark blue language stsinka

From Minsk to Lipetsk have brought a female sinejazykogo stsinka. In the nature stsinki reside in Australia and New Guinea and unlike many other lizards are viviparous. In bondage they can be held even in a house terrarium. At one of the Belarus fans of exotic animals the director of a Lipetsk zoo Alexander Osipov also has got an unusual lizard with really absolute dark blue language. novoselke three years, live stsinki около20 years. They are almost omnivorous, prefer insects, vegetables, fruit, porridges and mixes for baby food, bananas and tomatoes. When - that such rare reptile in a zoo the vein, but has died of an old age.

Together with stsinkom to a zoo there has arrived also pair nosuh - extended families of raccoons. Before these inhabitants of tropics in Chernozem region was not. Six-monthly small animals with unusually fluffy tails in a winter garden of park will winter. By the spring them will move in the separate cage specially equipped with trees. Nosuhi - the big fans to climb on branches and boughs of plants.

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