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The presidential plane cleans plumelets in Voronezh

This Silt 96 - 300 has been made by the Voronezh aviabuilders in 1996 for Boris Yeltsin. And then by right of succession has passed to Putin. The VIP - the liner became for those times to the most expensive for all history of domestic aircraft engineering. Say that for board building have spent almost 300 million dollars, and its internal furniture has managed in 39 million green . And if the new Putin plane SILT - 96 - 300 from a nose to a tail gathered the Russian experts at building of the Yeltsin liner without the aid of abroad has not managed. It painted in Holland, and salon equipped in Switzerland; truth, the Russian artist - Ilya Glazunov`s son developed sketches.

the Deputy general director VASO Victor Plotnikov has informed us that a presidential board have driven to Voronezh for carrying out of so-called procedural works. Better to say, on the next servicing which the manufacturer is obliged to spend from time to time. However Victor Ivanovich did not begin to deny that works are conducted and in plane salon, but not by experts VASO, and a private concern. We knew that it is entrusted to private traders to freshen an interior of the salon which for certain was worn out for nine years: to replace a carpet, armchairs and tables. In the liner of workers start up only in overalls and without footwear - not to soil expensive carpet.
protect presidential Silt - 96 especially strictly. From - for special attention terrorists to our city. Simply to look aboard the plane at workers of factory and at a gun shot do not admit. Experts who conduct works onboard, supervise especially carefully. So VASO`S collective and especially security service of special pleasure and pride that repair Putin`s plane at their enterprise, do not feel from - for the huge pressure connected with abiding in territory of factory of the first liner of the country.


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Now the Yeltsin plane is used as the reserve presidential liner. At Boris Nikolaeviche it was used as a board 1. Therefore also it is constructed for convenience of the first Russian president, loving to bathe in luxury. Salon two-storeyed - with two bedrooms, shower, a hall for meetings, a room of rest and even with an office for resuscitation. The internal furniture of the liner, by some calculations, costs 35 - 40 million dollars. As a result Ilyushin at that point in time became most expensive of domestic air liners. Its creation has managed to the state to 300 million Dollars (usual passenger SILT $40 million estimate in