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In Tambov there lives the best dog of Europe

Considerable Dutches

- be not afraid, they nurtured, - the dog breeder with an unusual name of Ivetta warns.

to Become puzzled is the paternal: from a room on me three rush powerful smoky “ a bear cub “. Flandrsky buve - very rare dog in Russia. And here at once three! Nearly have not tumbled down on a floor - have licked “ for acquaintance “ a dry place have not left.

- the First - Ron, the second - Masjanja, the third - Nadja, - the mistress represents a Trinity.

Instead of prostrations - again “ kisses “. Most “ ordinary-looking “ from buve also there is a champion of all Old World of Nadja - cut and thin. But “ plainness “ it time - it is called by objective circumstances.

- It at us now mum feeding, oshchenilas recently, - explains Ivetta Andrianov, - therefore you it do not photograph, please, it yet in shape.

In the next room in loneliness six nice lumps wander.

- Nadja, you why have thrown children? Well - ka go to them! - Ivetta appeals, and Nadja there and then goes to “ cradles “.

- Ivetta - the girl with strangenesses. Was born in a year of a dog, loves them as children. I even am jealous sometimes! - in a subject husband Alexander Sgibnev jokes.

... On a photo - Nadka of the sample of 2003: the beauty and the hooligan on life, it defiantly poses and on “ a podium “ European a mastiff - show in Bratislava. Rivals more than thirty - the best buve from Holland, France, Belgium, Poland, Spain... But the jury gives “ gold “ to the Tambov sheep-dog (buve - a version of this breed!)

- If we in Slovakia have simply received an estimation “ perfectly “ is already would be super, - the proprietress speaks. - and here, represent, victory!.
husband Ivetty Alexander for “ to a bough of Nadju “ (so it is tender - frivolously name the winner acquaintances) has drunk and “ a pear “ has had a snack. Was at Grushinsky festival, there and has found its call from Bratislava. Celebrated with friends some days - washed a title. About bardovskie songs have forgotten...

And the first outstanding success at Nadki has happened in 2002 - m: ambitious “ the young lady “ became then “ bronze “ juniorkoj the World championship. There was it in the Netherlands - in the homeland of Nadi that is twice honourable (experts in such cases on - dog are captious).

Now on a table at Sashi and Ivetty - a glory museum: cups more than at the Dutch football club “ the Ajax “. They were earned by three persons - Nadja, Ron and young Masjanja.

“ We have given birth to our dog “

Nadja - “ a dog in a bag “ from elite Dutch nursery. Well-founded tambovchane have bought the favourite for decent money - almost three thousand euro have paid. Negotiations c the factory owner and legal formalities have occupied nine months (“ the newborn “ also in pomine was not, and it already “ have married off “) .

- It is possible to tell that we our dog “ have given birth “ - Ivetta smiles.

Travel “ girls “ Nadi from the Country of tulips to Russia it has turned out not so romantic. To Moscow buve broke with fight. In “ Domodedovo “ customs officers have found an error in the dog passport and tormoznuli Hope.

- They from you money extorts, - has whispered Ivette with Alexander of the employee of the airport.

Four-footed “ the citizen “ Holland Vanenblikhoev has kept locked up in territory of the cargo terminal of 12 hours.

- Nadka sat in a special shed and durnjakom shouted, to approach to it did not resolve, - Sgibnev remembers. Is there was a stress both for a puppy and for us.

As a result of customs officers it was possible to deceive.

- How much is your dog? - They have asked.

- we do not know, - spouses have responded. - we it took on an exchange.

- Well one thousand roubles it costs?

- One thousand costs...

foreigners make a declaration of love to the Tambov dogs on the Internet

the Diet “ the Tambov Dutches “ - dry feeds, boiled beef with rice and for a dessert fruit with vegetables.

the Forage - elite, expensive. From cheap “ to bear cubs “ badly - it is checked already up. Three together a crowd “ eats “ from the house budget of an order of ten thousand roubles monthly.

is together with trips on exhibitions, - businessman Alexander explains.

Once a month to pupils brushes teeth, two times brush.

Drink buve Andrianovyh - Sgibnevyh healing water: owners have accustomed. Tasty - for ears you will not drag. For voditsej Sasha specially goes in Treguljaj, to the Pitirimovsky source.

Ron - the figure second for the importance in the dog family: “ the rural clodhopper “ the husband and lover Nadi. And still in combination - the champion of Russia and Moldova.

- Us recently to Dortmund on a solid exhibition called, but we have not gone, - Ivetta complains. - Germans very much treat badly the stopped ears and tails. And at Nadki they stopped. In Germany grinpisovtsy consider that this mockery at dogs.

Therefore the tail and ears have left Rhone. The third member of a family, Masjanja - offspring Nadi and a well-born dog of Trolja, wins while shchenjachi the Russian titles.

And Nadke make a declaration of love biped foreigners. Any American, having seen once on a site a photo of the titled Tambov person, till now cannot calm down - scribbles on the Internet touching messages to the perfect stranger.

- To Russia not to all women such write, and here to a dog! - Alexander Sgibnev is surprised.

Ilya of the GRAY-HAIRED.

the Photo from family archive.


Buve - vysokoelitnaja ex - the Belgian breed of dog. Its representatives - excellent shepherds and security guards. In the west of them often use for dispersal of demonstrators and suppression of football fans. Specially trained buve are dispersed and beat to the person a head in a groin.


the Nickname Nadja - Dasti van de Vanenblikhoev.
Breed flandrsky buve
Age 3,5 years
Height in υξλκε62 sm
Weight 35 kg
the Hobby - drives hours a tennis ball and forces it to do owners.
titles - the bronze prize-winner among juniors of the World championship - 2002 (Amsterdam), the champion of Europe of 2003 (Bratislava).