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Vsevolod Shilovsky has opened in Tambov a cinema

Actor Vsevoloda Shilovsky have called to Tambov on opening new old a cinema the Modernist style . In November an architecture monument have preserved - have disconnected a waterpipe, light and heat. Conversations that " went; kina in the Modernist style any more will not be . But the common sense has triumphed: the tenant has exchanged. He also has invited the star visitor.

To start Shilovsky have acquainted with the most cultural places of Tambov - art gallery, dramatic theatre and merchant small streets.

- the Mad city! - happy Shilovsky has exhaled after a promenade. - here it is necessary to send the whole landing of directors! In each street it is possible to remove films!

Also has hinted that wish to make it. But has there and then added:

- I the person superstitious, therefore do not want to share ideas in advance.

the actor there was correspondent Nina Veselovsky who prepares for tambovchan the poster and holds competitions at cinema.

Some years ago she lived in Moscow on one ladder platform with Shilovsky: it with a family - in three-room apartment, and Veselovsky with the husband - through a wall in a communal flat. The master has learnt at once the former neigbour and has indulged in memoirs: as walked on its wedding - he witnessed - and as shot at the journalist of a cigarette.

Nina Veselovsky in Moscow a vein on one staircase with Shilovsky.

- Now, I look, he smokes openly, - Nina has told, - and then wife Natasha forbade it to smoke. Houses at Shilovskys creative atmosphere always reigned, celebrities went to them crowd: Oleg Yankovsky, Boris Hmelnitsky, dancer Mahmud Esambaev...

in a circle of friends Shilovsky broke the strict order of the wife. Cigarettes at stars came to an end quickly, and shops were closed early - it was necessary to the owner to shoot cigarettes at neighbours:

- Sowing will run to us, will ask five or ten features Java . Then will return the whole pack...

Nostalgia of the former neighbours have soon interrupted - the film figure have carried on station. Shilovsky and Veselovsky have exchanged phones.
but at parting the actor has promised more often to happen in Tambov.


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