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« Our love was destroyed by money! »

- SUCH love as at us with Aleshej, probably, happens at people of times in hundred years, - has begun the story 26 - summer Marina Sorokin (the surname is changed at the desire of the girl). - We have got acquainted two years ago, and already in both half an hour knew that if we will leave, we will make a crime against humanity. We were acknowledgement of a legend that at everyone where - that is the half. Washing, it appears, the vein and went by the next street with me in one minibus.

We were as a single whole. And physically and soul. We could communicate, saying only initial words of phrases. Well, for example, Lesha spoke: Yesterday on the TV... and it was not necessary to me of continuation. I in a brain had a picture of that transfer about which he wanted to talk. And I knew that he wants to tell, and at once joined in discussion: Yes, I too consider that it was not right... My girlfriends did not believe, thought that it is tricks that we arrange in advance to amaze their imagination. And ourselves each time were surprised to the relationship.

About wedding did not speak though to live together to a grave was for us self-evident. It was not simple time to descend in a registry office to issue relations. It after all not the main thing, truth if two love each other before self-dissolution? And all was good, while my heads have not suggested me to work in Moscow. I extended cosmetics of one known firm, affairs went successfully enough, and me have raised. A commonplace.

It is necessary to tell, it was very opportunely in the monetary relation. Alesha finished the dissertation, plainly did not work, we lived not that that tugovato, but it was possible and is more free. And here the contract on half a year, apartment at the expense of firm, the salary in one and a half thousand dollars. I thought, we together will go, what difference where for the computer to sit - in the Eagle or in Moscow. But Lesha has suddenly rested: I will not go, and all! It as though was closed and became same, as all. Impenetrable. The stranger. I not that to read that to thought, I from it could not pull out a distinct explanation!

And then to me the girlfriend has come and has told that Lesha has shared with it. It appears, to it rest was not given by my salary! He felt defective!

I have bawled it out. For the first time. And during this rough finding-out of relations has suddenly understood that all is terminated. It had such humiliated kind. We did not coincide any more. Even if I would refuse career for the sake of Leshinogo of calmness, nothing could be returned back. Charms were gone, magic has vanished. We became same, as the majority of people to which should prove a throat each other the case. After that that at us with it was, we nemofgli to live, as all. And I have left one.

Since then has passed two years. I and live in Moscow. In the Eagle I come only on a visit to mum. I`m fine, except private life. Men in it happen incidentally. Such as Lesha, is not present more. It too one. Serious relations, according to girlfriends with anybody has not got. But to meet we did not try. I do not know, how to it, and it would be terrible to me to be convinced that the precipice between us became even more. What to do?.

Marina, the Eagle.

Natalia FILATOVA Has prepared.