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Boris Spassky: I hardly
was not killed by the first wife

During week-end from Moscow to Tambov proputeshestvoval eks - the world champion, great and awful Boris Spassky. Have brought the king of chess by train. By the car Spassky to go has refused, frightened of ice. All two days on games with its participation there was a notice.

As the grand master has seen in tambovskomspasskom the relative

- And give I you, Borja, to Tambov I reduce! There always well accept, - the international grand master on a surname Balashov has offered Spassky.

the Tenth world champion, being the fan of hospitable receptions, has agreed.

In Tambov against the veteran of big chess pensioners battled. 20 boards have exposed. Spassky the king went backwards - forward and dashing ate figures of rivals. A session result: 14 victories of the champion and 6 drawn games. The visitor has won the first party in five minutes after its beginning! Has not done without unexpectedness. Behind one of tables Spassky waited... Spassky. Gennady. In tambovchanine the king has beheld a kindred blood.

- you are very similar to relatives of my mum. Perhaps we relatives? - Boris Vasilevich has taken an interest.

- I simply namesake, - has told Spassky 2 and has surrendered to the champion.

the General ancestors Spassky and have not found.

By the evening the king has gorged on pawns and queens so that at it the back has ached - the radiculitis has taken. To the champion have offered sanatorium in Pine to a pine forest with all conveniences and health service. But Spassky has refused to go: far! And the waist did not give rest.
grand masters in apartment of the vice-president of regional federation of chess of Alexey Nikolaeva spent the night. Have passed on konjachku. Boris Vasilevich has gone to bed, and Yury Balashov with the owner of half-night have stayed behind a board.

Next day the champion should play against young talents, but the session has cancelled - a back on - former was ill. Instead of Spassky young bestowals were examined by Balashov. And Boris Vasilevich was attached on a stool near a demonstration board and has spent sedentary the master - a class.

We with you two multi-coloured elephants, Nadenka!

In Tambov Boris Spassky willingly told about private life and about life in chess. Characteristics did not stint. a kind word for example, has remembered the first wife. Called the spouse Nadezhdoj Konstantinovnoj. According to Spassky, the lady it was aggressive. The grand master has lived with it some time and has understood - it is necessary to run.

- We with you two multi-coloured chess elephants, Nadenka! - has told Spassky to the wife and has sued for divorce.

But the Hope of Konstantinovna has decided to protect the family happiness with the weapon - has seized a kitchen knife and has rushed on the chess player.

- She attacked me a knife twice, - Boris Vasilevich shows scars on a hand. - There was it shortly before my match for a chess crown against Petrosyan. So I have been tempered in fights!

Petrosyan Spassky has beaten and became the world champion. And here wives changed twice. With the second too has not grown together: have divorced in seven years. The novel with the third supruzhnitsej - charming Marina - proceeds three decades. Marina worked in the USSR in the French trade mission. Have got acquainted, have then emigrated to France. Spassky it is happy:

- Speaking to Gogol`s words, there are ladies simply pleasant, and is - pleasant in every respect. It about Marina!

Kasparov when plays, grunts, as a pig

- the Chess king now in Russia is not present, therefore and we give in, - has declared tambovchanam eks - the king Spassky. Also has remembered about Kasparov: as once has quarrelled with it, how long did not communicate.

- I now with all prefer contacts to adjust, - the elderly champion has informed. - has called as - that to Kasparov, I speak: It is time to be reconciled! it to me: It is time . Have gone to small restaurant, tjapnuli vodka, certainly.

Here Boris Spassky has kept silent and what for - that has added: Kasparov when in chess plays, grunts . Has then turned to organizers:

- I Hope, we will have something today? - Also has shown a hand a pile.

Local officials have reacted - have taken out to the grand master a vodka bottle. And on zakus - sweets.

Spassky has relaxed and has told, what it the patriot. From France the prodigal son has returned home in 1997 and there and then zasobiralsja to the Chechen Republic - to war for Cossack steppes (gymnastics even has started to do), but in time has thought again.

- we have a talented boy - Vitalik Pecheritsa. How to it to help? - Have asked the coryphaeus.

- it is necessary to search for the Trustee! - the coryphaeus has responded. - and how to find - I do not know.


Oksana`s KACHALKOVOJ Photo.


Boris Vasilevich SPASSKY - was born in 1937 in Leningrad. In chess plays since five years. The tenth in the history of chess the world champion 1969 - 1972, the international grand master, the merited master of sports, the journalist. Since 1976 lives in France. Has constructed there the house the hands.

And HERE there was a CASE...

As Brezhnev Spassky married to the Frenchwoman

With the third and last wife, Marina ShCherbachevoj, the Frenchwoman of Russian origin, Spassky has got acquainted in Moscow. In the middle of 70 - h stagnation was in blossoming, and it, the person independent, party ideologists have literally tortured. They in every possible way interfered with its marriage on the foreigner. But Marina has shown persistence on struggle for the female happiness...

Working in the trade mission of France in the USSR, it has got the invitation to the reception, which Brezhnev gave in honour of the president of France George Pompidou who has visited then Moscow. In the Kremlin to it asked different questions, it was converted to it and Marina:

- Mister Pompidou, and what do you think of love?

the President has lighted up (as the Frenchman could respond to such question!):

- About, there is nothing more fine love!

- Why then to us with Boris Spassky forbid to marry? - Unexpected continuation has followed.

There and then the president of France has turned to Brezhnev and (through the translator) has rather puzzled it. To the secretary general does not remain anything else how to recognise that this misunderstanding. And next day Boris together with the bride - the Frenchwoman have called in a registry office, and marriage has been registered.