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In the Eagle pensioners fought
for travel

to Supply orlovtsev with coupons on free journey of the power have begun on January, 20th. The same day, in seven mornings, near all points multimeter turns were built.

Pensionersky happiness lasted an hour and a half. It was soon found out that tickets have printed a little and in some minutes they will end. That who has not had time to receive travel cards, it is necessary to wait some hours new delivery or in the next morning again to occupy turn.

- Simply scoff at us! - old men were indignant. - we here three hours on a frost stynem! And they in warm offices sit...

knocking each other down, pensioners have rushed to doors of point of delivery of travel cards. To make the way in a treasured office, they worked as elbows, fists and crutches. Between elderly men fight was fastened. To avoid bloodshed it was possible only thanks to intervention of compassionate old women from the same turn - they have hardly separated the fighting.

And tickets have ended in the meantime. Having learnt about it, pensioners have there and then reconciled and have started to accurse a policy of the authorities.

- Be prokljaty, bureaucrats devil`s! - furious exempts shouted. - want to exhaust us that on pension to save? Will not wait!
when passions have ceased, the turn was built in a former order and began to expect new delivery of tickets.

- At us always so - will pass the foolish law, and then think that with it to do! - complained 64 - summer Maria Trofimova. - Why it was impossible to carry these travel cards together with pensions?! Or would give out at once for a year, and that in March again it is necessary to freeze!

Ekaterina BULYCHYOV, Dmitry of EAGLES

kporel@kpvrn. ru

the Eagle.

And At this time

In Stary Oskol and Belgorod are again ready to leave on meetings

After carrying out in Stary Oskol two meetings of the protest against a monetization of social benefits a situation it was a little stabilised, but it is not definitive. The authorities search for the compromise between requirements protesting and the law on a monetization, however these half measures of townspeople do not arrange. In Belgorod of meetings yet was not, but also without it to the power have partially returned travel privileges and have added money for indemnifications to separate categories of exempts.

Nevertheless people all the same want to return back all and completely privileges. On January, 22nd in Stary Oskol and on January, 25th in Belgorod will pass protest actions. In Belgorod the basic requirement of townspeople - to return all privileges on health service (medicines, prosthetic dentistry), on journey on transport (including commercial) not to suppose in the end of the year of removal of privileges on housing and communal services to return privileges on installation and phone payment. In Stary Oskol the same situation.

Igor povoljaev

kpbel@kpvrn. ru