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Police car have stolen from office garage

Funny state of emergency has occurred in the end of last week in Glazunovsky area. On Friday morning employees of private security have come for work and were not counted office the seven with spetsnomerami and a flasher. Even in the evening the car stood in garage near to gaishnymi cars, and now it was not. Gaishnye cars were on a place - them why - that have not touched.

to find criminals who have attempted on sacred all structure ROVD has been lifted on feet. However this measure in what has not resulted. Witnesses of incident it was not found out, and traces of tyres has swept up snow. Thieves even have taken away with themselves the lock from gate on which there could be fingerprints. Hope that criminals have stolen the car to drive, has thawed after all Glazunovsky area has been for nothing combed.

Last time stealing of a militian car has occurred about two years ago in the next district Maloarhangelske. Then a Zhiguli have found disassembled on spare parts in 80 kilometres from an abduction place.

Michael of LAPWINGS

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