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Oksana Fedorova will move to Voronezh?

last week the Voronezh branch of one of political parties has announced lists of the future candidates on elections in Regional Duma. In the forefront the list surnames of local politicians appear. But the third point is capable to excite a good few of Voronezh. More precisely, its man`s part. And no wonder: into place Oksana Fedorova marks at an area legislature. That that daily together with Hrjushej, Filej and Stepashkoj puts to bed all country.

Having won a prestigious title Miss Universe and subsequently loudly having refused it, the beauty in militian epaulets quickly became the popular TV presenter. And at the same time was engaged also in political activity, having risen at a management of a youth wing of one of parties. And here - has come true: the senior companions have entrusted the helmsman Spokushek to compete in the real political race on chernozemnyh open spaces.

On a city conversations have spread: and if mademoiselle Fedorova bypasses the political opponents, a leah will move it to Voronezh to deal with local problems? To find out this question we have solved at Oksana. Unfortunately, both numbers of cellular telephones of the telestar have responded about inaccessibility of the subscriber. There was no girl and on fighting political fast: in the Moscow staff of its party the sleepy voice has inertly responded that anybody from a management is not present and till the end of the working day any more will not be. In a broadcasting company where do Good night, kids! the management has appeared is so occupied that has not managed to give within several hours to us at least minute that as - that to clear up a question. And without the knowledge of the general director as to us have informed in the company, anybody from leading telecasts and a word to tell to journalists does not dare. However, Oksana`s colleagues on a teleether doubt that the star will throw the numerous projects in show - business for the sake of the decision of problems of the Russian remote places.

However, as we know from the sources close to the Voronezh political Olympus, aunt Oksana plans to appear suddenly personally in the end of January in capital of Chernozem region to familiarise with territory which, probably, becomes it sponsored . will hold a hand on pulse.


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