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Daghestanis decorate pelmeni plaits

the RECIPE 1


It, perhaps, most beautiful pelmeni on light! And the main thing, very tasty. They at all do not boil soft - from - for mouldings a plait .
Daghestanis, as a rule, submit to kurze various garlick sauces.

It is got mixed up soft dough and it is left it to have a rest for 15 minutes.
meat and an onion it is passed through a meat grinder, we fill with spices.
it is unrolled thin dough and we cut out mugs in diameter 5 - 7 centimetres.
we display forcemeat () and it is moulded kurze, pinching edges a plait . For this purpose it is necessary to get skilled at to grasp alternately fingers the test opposite edges.
it is sent ready kurze in a pan with boiling salty water and we cook them 5 - 6 minutes.

For one portion

For forcemeat:

300 g beef
100 g the beef fat
100 g shinkovannogo an onion
red pepper, a coriander, fennel

For the test:

300 g torments
a half-glass of cold water
a salt pinch

the RECIPE 2


Singularity of this dish that it takes place not on one plate, and... On four.

we Cook the mutton edges in a pan from mantovarki. Waters should be much that it was not necessary to add. Otherwise the broth will turn out diluted. And it is wrong!

While meat cooks, we prepare and we unroll dough. We water a layer with the kindled drawn butter and we salt. We braid dough in rulet and it is cut on slices. Each slice is transformed in rozochku . At first we stick together edges of one party of a slice, and then we straighten a top another.

Lattices mantovarki, filled with buds from the test, we place on a pan where meat cooks. Dough prepares 10 - 15 minutes.

we Prepare tomato sauce. We pour in a pan butter and when it will begin to boil, we add paste. Carefully we mix some minutes, without diminishing fire. Then we pour in boiled water and we give prokipet 5 minutes. We add the crushed garlic and salt. The swept away sauce prepares much easier: sour cream it is simply mixed with garlic and salt.

we Spread mutton on one dish, dough - on another. We pour a broth in pialu, sauce - in sousnitsu. Now count up, ware, that a tax on a table one dish under the name hinkal how much was required!

For one portion

100 g the mutton edges

For the test:

1/ 2 teaspoons of dry yeast
300 g torments
a half-glass of warm water
1 items a drawn butter spoon
a salt pinch

Tomato sauce:

3 items of a spoon of sunflower-seed oil
1 items a tomato paste spoon
2 zubchika garlic
salt on taste

the Swept away sauce:

3 items of a spoon of sour cream
2 zubchika garlic
salt on taste

are important!

to prepare hinkal, without mantovarki not to manage, because rozochki from flaky pastry prepare on pair. And steam turns out from water in which mutton cooks. Here such secret of preparation!