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The swindler has bought at orlovtsa a videocamera for 39 copecks

One week ago the inhabitant of Northern area of the Eagle has given the announcement of videocamera sale in the newspaper. In couple of days in its apartment the call was distributed. The seller and the buyer have agreed about the price - 10500 roubles - and have made an appointment.

Fluently having examined the goods, the visitor has gone at once on the transaction. Not with roubles, and the euro also has suggested to pay off. The seller was not against though as it was found out later, new European currency he never in eyes saw. Having calculated on the calculator a course, muzhiks have defined that the videocamera pulls for 300 euros.

the Buyer has paid off and has left. Next day the man has decided to exchange the obtained currency for roubles. But in bank the cashier has made a helpless gesture: she has met such denominations for the first time.

- I do not know, what is it, but precisely not euro, - she has declared to the dumbfounded client.

Directly from an exchanger orlovets has run to write the application in Northern ROVD.

- We have found out that the unknown currency - Brazilian kruzejro, - speaks the chief of investigatory department Northern ROVD Evgenie Shtyhno. - to Exchange them for roubles it is possible at the rate... 13 copecks for one hundred! It turns out that the seller has received 39 copecks for almost new videocamera.

Dmitry of EAGLES

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the Eagle.