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The transport which has got off from the schedule has rescued voronezhtsev

- What I the Savior, do not make laugh! I simply did the work: carried people as I did it both yesterday, and the day before yesterday. So as the Savior me to magnify is too. Here if I knew, where this explosive lies, and would neutralise it, then yes - the hero. And so...
This rebuff we have heard from Victor Agafonova, that driver 54 - j minibuses which has taken away people from a stop five seconds prior to explosion. As though it got excited, proving that it not the hero, all - taki to it the health obliges many people. After all if it PAZik precisely under the schedule has stopped in 7. 40 opposite DKMashinostroitelej, it just coincided on time with explosion. Whether Victor in a shirt was born, whether who from passengers of the chock-full bus - the lucky on life, but anyhow the misfortune has bypassed a minibus.

- And after all and really has carried! - Victor is surprised. - After all if I have not broken the schedule and would not drive by a stop the Drugstore my car precisely would get on this explosion. And so I have flown by by a drugstore because nobody gathered for an exit, have approached on a recreation centre. Has landed two or three persons, seven have come. Only has driven off, metres ten everything, here as rvanet! Me already on a wheel has thrown! Explosion was such force that I already vymaterilsja: That it..., becomes that for a lawlessness it is created on road!

that it there was an explosion sound, instead of the burst wheel, Agathons knew precisely. As - in any way twenty with superfluous years has worked the driver in militia. And as the explosive rattles, he knows firsthand.

- the First my thought was: autorefuelling nearby from a recreation centre has lighted up. I look on the left: the gaz station costs to itself tselehonkaja. The bus would wash like too has not suffered, goes to itself and goes. The people in salon do not panic, nobody rustles, does not wail. All is quiet. Only on the way back, when went by a stop, has understood that explosion really was.

People that left its minibus before the explosion, for certain have not suffered. Victor is assured of it. After all they have gone to the bridge, in the opposite direction from a stop. And the main thing that calms Victor: if with them something happens, he would notice it in a rear-view mirror.

Tramvaj Very Goncharovoj in 7. 45 should be absolutely in other place.

it is Literally one minute prior to explosion from a stop a recreation centre of Machine engineers the tram of the eighth route has driven off. It also has taken away with itself(himself) the majority of expecting transport of people. And after all under the schedule of any tram during that moment on to the Machine should not be! But from - for breakage on a line, an event early in the morning around street of Communards, the movement schedule has got off. Such here successful coincidence.
the driver of a happy tram Goncharov`s Belief at first at all has not understood, what`s happened:

- I only have driven off, as have heard terrible force a clap. The first that has thought, - cars have faced. I look in a mirror: like failure would be not present! As though someone`s car in me in the car has not flown, I think. Has stopped, left, has looked round - it`s OK. At this time people still began to run in the car. The most interesting that the panic was not. Passengers long-sufferingly waited, when we will get under way. And that from street have run, have told nothing. Only has on the way back seen a cordon, has understood that rattled at a stop. For seconds in a head it was carried by: that would be with people if they have not sat down in a tram! And further the usual working environment has proceeded... I work 32 years as the driver, every day I leave on a line, is ready to any states of emergency. But here the calmness of passengers has surprised. Really people are not touched any more by explosions in the middle of street? - Vera Petrovna is perplexed.

our Conversation has turned out short, it was time to it to leave on a line. Under the schedule.


the Information on preparing diversion from terrorists has been sounded one week ago by the first deputy of the mayor of Voronezh Vyacheslav Artyomov on planerke in a city administration. As he said, in mestnoeupravlenie federal security service from capital the information has come that in Moscow and other big cities (among which Voronezh appears) there can be acts of terrorism. They are planned on the end of January - the beginning of February. According to special services, supervises over group of four participants of the extremist organisation Black widows the terrorist on a surname of Lavroeva.