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Anastas Zavolokina has found in Kursk the UNCLE...

- on January, 25th and 26 - the daughter of well-known accordion player Gennady Zavolokina Anastas has spent two days in Kursk with a transfer film crew Play, an accordion! . With Anastasiej there has arrived all her family - mum Svetlana, husband Vladimir, brother Zahar and the nine-monthly son of the Gene.
since January, 21st a film crew in two special cars with an inscription Play, an accordion! plies on the Moscow railway in search of talented accordion players - railwaymen. In Kursk participation in shootings was accepted nearby by 40 persons - those whom has selected Anastas during listening.

Pleasant unexpectedness for Zavolokinyh was that in our city they had a relative - pjatijurodnyj the uncle. And still to actors have told that in village Bykanovo of Obojansky area the house in which there lived their relatives was saved, and even the zavalinka on which Gennady Zavolokina`s grandfather sat is whole. Unfortunately, there the film crew has not reached - there was no time.

- In Kursk to us already many in relatives jammed, - brother Anastasii Zahar admitted.

the Correspondent personally became the witness of how to Zaharu on vok - the hall where shootings were conducted, accepted the elderly woman and has told: you Zavolokin? Well so we relatives! In village Ivanovka where I live, your grandfather Artem and grandmother Christina " is buried;. As it was then found out, in a sort of Zavolokinyh anybody with such names was not.

- Nastja knows how to find relatives. The father shortly before death told to it about the house in Kursk area. Also has passed it any family legend on which she should learn relatives. Here it away withdraws all applicants for relationship and asks, - Zahar has told.

But while present has found only one.

In Kursk shootings were conducted basically in city centre - at dramatic theatre, on Red Square, nearby to circus and, certainly, at the most railway station Kursk . The correspondent even managed In the last to participate. It was necessary to smile in the chamber, loudly to applaud and dance under chastooshkas. In the street it was so cold that executors during shooting even forgot words, and it was necessary to do pomnogu doubles.

In free from shootings Anastas Zavolokina`s time has visited only Sergievo - the Kazan cathedral where has put a candle to Seraphim Sarovsky, and has gone in Radical wilderness. And still she ran on drugstores because was unwell small the Gene. For it in a kindergarten specially cooked porridges and brought meal to the car.

- it was necessary to arrive here days on five, - admitted Anastas. - but I yet time here will return.

Transfer with participation kurjan will show in the middle of March.


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