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The best the Englishman the Eagle transforms lessons into performances

Competition the Teacher of year - 2006 Zvyagintsev has won orlovetsigor.

For a rank of the teacher of year struggled 22 from all area. Among them bylovsego two men. One of them, Igor Zvyagintsev, became the best.
Igor Anatolevich works as the teacher 20 years. Onprepodaet English language and the literature of England issha in 27 - j to school.
- on my eyes generations of teachers iuchenikov are replaced, - the teacher speaks. - when janachinal to work, children spent a free time, playing football, went to campaigns, on dances. I think, it is not necessary to explain, than presently zanimajutsjamnogie pupils after school... But in depth dushideti have not changed. Now at them it is simple bolshesoblaznov, and not all can resist. And that kasaetsjauchitelej - it is very a pity that many prekrasnyespetsialisty leave school. Someone on age, but many from - for low salaries.
Igor Anatolevich tries to approach to lessons sdushoj.
- Our school with an English bias, - govoritzvjagintsev. - In this plan to me has carried: uchenikiljubjat my subject, lessons do not shirk and vklasse attentively to me listen. But prostoobjasnjat a subject it is not enough. The theory it is, of course, good, but without practice it is forgotten. Therefore at lessons we play sketches irealnye situations from life. Put and nastojashchiespek - takli - on Byron, Hemingway.
Zvyagintsev since the childhood was fond inostrannymijazykami. Its favourite teacher was the Englishwoman Svetlana Grigorevna Artyomov. Therefore after school it has gone on a faculty of foreign languages orlovskogopedinstituta.
- it is possible to interest the Pupil only lichnymprimerom, - the teacher of year is convinced. - if you neljubish the subject, children never will fall in love with it. Schoolboys - excellent psychologists, they prekrasnoponimajut, the teacher for the salary or on - nastojashchemuuvlechen works as the work.
the literature of England and the USA - a subject dovolnoredky. Therefore Zvyagintsev itself sostavljaetprogrammu to the pupils.
- lessons of the usual literature have huge a minus, - Igor Anatolevich considers. - the program goes down from above and at times without uchetavozrastnyh features of pupils. Well not pojmetvosmiklassnik Hamlet ! And on the literature of Angliii of the USA we pass it in the tenth class, kogdarebjata already have grown before slozhnogoproizvedenija.
In life Zvyagintsev is fond of sports and music. Two times a week the teacher plays with friends vfutbol. Also collects records foreign fate - groups - Deep Purple, Nazareth, Led Zeppelin.
- My hobbies pull together me with pupils, - Igor Anatolevich speaks. - children love fate, ljubjatsport. So it is my trump! If at the teacher iuchenikov close interests, the schoolboy budetuvazhat the teacher. Also will love egopredmet!

Evgenie proskurjakov.