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Lipetsk anomalies have checked up by practical consideration

In holidays in mysterious places krajapobyvala expedition moskovskojissledovatelskoj groups “ Neman “.

Its members investigate mysterious places ineobjasnimye the phenomena. Such, as ischeznovenijaljudej in time and space, contacts sneizvestnymi beings, circles on fields and prochujuanomalshchinu. Since 1995 enthusiasts have spent αξλεε500 expeditions to remote areas JuzhnogoUrala, Kola peninsula, Kareliya, the Arkhangelsk region, Belarus, India, Nepal. To Lipetsk seven Muscovites, vooruzhennyhhitroumnymi devices, have arrived on two-off-road cars.
- we want to investigate mysterious corners of yours ivoronezhskoj areas and to put them on our maps, - the active worker of group Evgenie Troshin has told. - Krometogo, we will test for the first time in work pair sdelannyhdruzjami - physicists of the devices capable izmerjatnaprjazhennost of radio gas. egodejstviem many strange things speak. The aether can influence on elektronnyepribory, a status of the person and even preobrazhatsjav material forms. So appear prividenijai shone spheres. More often it occurs vmestah geological breaks. They need to be known, after all industrial and housing construction vtakih places is unsafe.
“ hunters behind ghosts “ have visited naznamenitom dobrovskom a failure. 13 - metrovogodiametra and six-metre depth the funnel which has appeared in the middle a field, for two years at all neizmenilas also has made on seeing vidyissledovatelej the big impression. posetilimoskvichi and manor in village Borki. Here raspolozhenmestnyj “ a Stonehendge “: smooth and enormous, vneskolko tons in weight the boulder is surrounded menshimikamnjami. With “ a devil`s table “ it is connected mnozhestvolegend. In park vicinities passes linijatektonicheskogo a break. Tourists time and again nabljudaliv to this zone of UFO and wandering fires. And in oknahstarinnogo the lock ostensibly there is apparelled vchernye clothes a woman - a ghost. Weight emotsijvyzval at nemantsev the lock in Ramoni, Divnogore ipeshchernyj a monastery in the Voronezh region.
- results of researches we will bring later iobjazatelno we will inform their readers “ - Evgenie Troshin has promised. - while I can tell, chtov Borkah devices simply read off scale.

Nikolay of SIDES.

... And at terbunskogo Cςξσνυενδζΰ - read off scale

Mysterious sights of Borokzainteresovali and capital TV men. Before expedition “ Neman “ in these mestahpobyvala a program film crew “ Improbably, but the fact “ channel TNT. Journalists zapisalirasskazy local residents about paranormalnyhanomalnyh the phenomena, which witnesses onibyli. The chamber and " has fixed; pixy-rings “ - the flowers grown in vicinities of a palace in Borkah vvide of rings and brightly allocated against pervojtravy. The teleether of the program with a plot about one izanomalnyh area zones is planned on vtorujupolovinu May.