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In Tambov Kobzon has scarified the message of the president

To Tambov Joseph Kobzon has arrived to sing for veterans. Has arrived one day later, than gathered, - VladimirPutin has read annual poslaniefederalnomu to meeting and Kobzon`s concert “ has transferred “.
“ I Collect “ the file “ on deputies “
In Tambov the visitor has shared at once become painful. The message of the president was not pleasant to it:
- words about culture, about sports. We left stretjakom, have puzzly shrugged shoulders. Not nuzhenrossii the cultural and healthy person!
Kobzon has told, how Putin ipointeresovalsja passed by it:
- As feel?
- it is bad, - Kobzon has frightened.
- it is bad? What`s happened?
- money for culture is not present.
- I to you will send Marina (the girl, which rabotaetv committee on the budget. - Red.) .
And it is valid, next day prislalmarinu...
- But money all the same is not present. Because Kudrin, nigref do not worry about culture, - the singer has informed. - Kudrin to me has personally told: “ Not time to be engaged in it! “
before performance the deputy - the actor otkrovennootvetil on questions “ Among your colleagues in the Duma it is a lot of fair?
- it is not a lot of, but is. I now collect vsjakieinteresnye stories about people`s choices...
- the file?
- yes, jokes, statements about deputies, mnogochego. But about it we will talk, when I will leave the Duma. Now it is not absolutely convenient. Coming back to vashemuvoprosu, I will tell so. Ask: what the general mezhduspermatozoidom and the deputy? The answer: that and udrugogo has one chance of one million statchelovekom. Therefore I categorically protivpartijnyh elections. Duma members carry out komandnujurabotu. What is the party lists? Kazhdyjdeputat should to be necessarily in what - tokomitete and in any party. Even I, the non-party, concern propresidential party. But I vsegdagovorju: “ There are basic things which janikogda I will not carry out... “ I would not like, when mypri voting we press buttons zaotsutstvujushchih. Because on guest tribunestojat boys and little girls - schoolboys and students, look at us and are surprised: adult uncles and aunts that you do, as it is not a shame to you!?
Sang in the Tambov prison for rezhisseraolimpiady - 80
- you across Moscow with a flasher go?
- I have put a flasher only because already 25 letvozglavljaju social council Glavnogoupravlenija of internal affairs. And I predupredilpronina (the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow): if you want, that I worked for you and for you, then at least nenakazyvajte me for a flasher. Therefore chtoprorvatsja through these stoppers it is impossible. CHtobydoehat from Bakovki (prestigious podmoskovnyjposelok where there lives Kobzon) to city centre, mnenuzhno to spend for road a minimum an hour and a half. After all at this time go all. Putin - it, truth, usually to 12 goes, and Fradkov, the government iadministratsija the President - all hurry, as well as I, kpolovine the ninth - to nine o`clock in the morning. And poetomuperekryvaetsja all movement. At me permissions namigalku are not present, any minute postovoj will stop isnimet it...
in Tambov Joseph Kobzon was many times. And in 70 - e godydazhe sang here... In prison. For the organisation “ left “ concerts have taken away its friend - mestnogoadministratora Edward Smolnogo. Budushchijrezhisser the Olympic Games - 80 Smolnyj sat together sbuboj Kastorsky of “ Imperceptible avengers “ - actor Boris Sichkinym.
is presently managers a pond prudi, - the actor speaks. - if you would know, how much sejchasgastrolery earn! And earlier for that, chtosmolnyj found possibility to involve krabote good actors, it have planted. The actor, for example, declared Smolnomu: “ Well is not present at me vplanah Tambov, I cannot, it is necessary for me today, let us assume, in Mytischi to act “. And he spoke: “ JAtebja I beg, how much you receive for a concert?
10 roubles? I to you to crying 15, have gone to Tambov “... JApriezzhal to it in prison, brought a sausage piece, the block of cigarettes. Also sang for convicts a concert. Why is not present? Only that to my companion it was easier. I of it nestesnjajus.
has forced to sing officials
Have lodged Kobzon in a heavenly spot for the VIP - personpod Tambov. There it was pleasant to the singer not less, than in Bakovke, but time to relax was not - organizers have planned many meetings, yes ina rehearsal the actor hurried up: with gubernatorskimorkestrom it was necessary to have time to be sung.
- Have delivered me in a distance wood, frogs croak, beauty, - the visitor was deeply moved. - the person has come: “ And at us and banka is! “ I to it: “ At you all is. Yes umenja time is not present “...
the Free concert before front-line soldiers of Kobzonotrabotal to the full extent - has sung the best voennyei the Soviet hits. Have sounded and “ a Victory Day “ and “ Enemies have burnt a native hut “ and “ Take an overcoat “ ipesnja about Lenin, which “ such young “...
Veterans have filled up a substitute with colours. Trogatelnoezrelishche: old women a chain went to a scene iprotjagivali to Kobzon bouquets.
are we to you should give, instead of you to us, - vydohnulartist and has distributed all flowers.
Has gone down in a hall and sang with front-line soldiers. Then reshilproverit, a leah local officials of a word know. It has appeared, as with words, and with hearing at nihproblemy.
During execution “ a Victory Day “ Has happened κσπόεη:δθπθζεπ so emotionally waved a stick that onav the end of the ends has taken off from his hands and hardly nepopala for a head to Kobzon.