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Under Zadonsky

variags have lodged In the Lipetsk region has passed festivalistoricheskoj reconstruction “ Rusborg “.

Congress of fans of medieval history was uzhetretim under the bill and record on mass character. Water from the most picturesque places of the Lipetsk region - village Kamenka vicinities - have gathered almost trisotni warriors from three tens military - istoricheskihklubov cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Aodin from participants has arrived in Kamenku izpetropavlovska - Kamchatka. Apparelled in odezhdyi an armour of the early Middle Ages variags razbililager. Having refused the civilisation blessings, latnikichetyre day have spent in duels and battles.
- we try to use only historical, that is completely corresponding vybrannojepohe subjects, - has told one of initsiatorovfestivalja, the head of Yelets club “ the Spear “ Paul SEMENOV. - we Do them, being guided narezultaty archeological excavations.
Witnesses of powerful entertainments in spetsialnovybrannyj “ guest “ day there were almost two tysjachituristov. Variags have shown umeniebitsja on swords and to shoot from onions. Samymzrelishchnym there were mass battles. Extrawhich wall on a wall converged to sotnilatnikov. Serious traumas which it is possible nanestitjazhelennymi iron swords and spears, udalosizbezhat. But participants poedinkovnastavili each other it is a lot of cones and bruises. Certainly, chtotakie costs of unusual hobby nastojashchihfanatov cannot stop. And more time podzadonskom rekonstruktory plans sobratsjauzhe in August.
- in the summer we want to moor to tsentralnomupljazhu Lipetsk on ancient castles, - rasskazalpavel Semenov. - And next year sovershitmorskoe travel to Istanbul and to beat a board ksimvolicheskim to city collars. How it is equal 1100λες back prince Oleg has made. I think, Turks nanas for it will not take offence.

Nikolay of SIDES